Pray about the situation in Crimea .•˜•. Support ministry to the orphans and orphanage gradutes! See more .•˜•. Pray about Gospel spread among Crimea tatars

Mission and Vision

Mission statement:
“Hope to People”impacts society through the Word that gives hope and changes life.

“Hope to People” aims to help plant and strengthen churches in the countries of the former Soviet Union, giving special focus to ministry amongst the new generation and training of people in ministry.


  • Planting churches amongst the population of the former USSR (incl. Russian speaking emigrants)
  • Partnering with churches
  • Training, equipping and discipleship
  • Focusing on the new generation
  • Focusing on educational staff in public schools
  • Church planting in the former Soviet Union

  • Encouragement of spiritual growth in local churches

  • Spiritual and material support of the Center of Adaptation for orphanage graduates

  • Ministry to orphans and children from disadvantaged families

  • Support of schools and orphanages in the spiritual formation of students

  • The spread of biblical influence through sport

  • Christian camps - Introduction of the Bible, Christian education, recreation and leisure

  • Cooperation with educational institutions and assistance in the formation and development of spiritual education through the class "Christian Ethics" in public schools

  • Publication of the magazine "Word to the teacher"

  • Organization and conducting of spiritually encouraging and educational conferences

  • Christian Education

  • Ministry of mercy and charity

  • Video- & Audio tape library (seminars and teachings)

Foundation and history of the International Public Organisation "Hope to People"

As a result of deep economic and socio-political crisis, the Soviet Union has suddenly started to change in the late 1980s. Suddenly Christians received opportunities, which they were not expecting and did not count on. After a long period of being forbidden, restrictions, and persecution suddenly came freedom, freedom to openly preach the Gospel. New time began.

On the 7th of January, 1989 in Zdolbuniv (town in Rivne region) during the celebration of Christmas, an informal meeting took place among brothers in Christ, during which the idea about the establishment of the mission was first voiced. The mission goal is to spread the Gospel and establish new churches among the nations, which live in the territory of Soviet Union.

From the first days, Anatoliy Nazaruk, Sergei Tupchyk, Aleksej Melnychuk, Sergei Tymchenko, Vitaliy Nazaruk and Taras Prystupa were part of the creation process. Gradually, more and more new people were joining this group, mainly young, 25-35 years old. Christians from older generations played an important role in the establishment of the mission. They were wise mentors, the inspiration and the first people to pray about it. They are Francis A. Shumeyko, Alexander G. Nazaruk and Vasily D. Bondarenko.

On 25 February 1989, again in the same Zdolbuniv, establishment assembly of Missionary Society "Light of the Gospel" took place. Its ministry was successfully developing and growing during the first three years, till the collapse of the Soviet Union. During this period, missionary work started in Yakutia, Primorskij Kraj, Tuva, Kalmikija, Kamchatka, Chukotka, Ural, Povolzhje, Moscow, Karachaevo-Cherkesyy, as well as in various regions of Ukraine. About this time is possible to say that "the word of God grew and multiplied", emerged new churches. This new experience has become a big blessing for young Christians. It also was the impulse for development of missionary ministry on the territory of the Soviet Union for the whole Church of Christ.

In September of 1990, Rivne city council officially registered the missionary Society "Light of Gospel."

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Pray for:

Pray about the situation in eastern Ukraine;

Pray for wisdom and fear of God for the new government in Ukraine;

• Pray for God's mercy for the whole Ukrainian people;

Pray for the situation in Ukraine to solve the conflict in a peaceful way;

• Thank God for the blessings of holding Christian camps, excursions, and trips throughout the summer in different cities of Ukraine 

• About missionary work among Muslims in Central Asia and among Crimean Tatars in Ukraine;

• About the orphans ministry and graduates of orphanages in Rivne region;

• About preaching the gospel to the Christian teachers through the pedagogical magazine “Word to the Teacher”;

• About the students of Rivne Bible College and the School of Biblical preaching “Word of Grace” so that they can apply their knowledge in their churches.

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News from the regions

In the center of God's miracles

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In the center of God's miracles

Peace to you! Thank you for supporting us prayerfully during our trip.

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God’s Miracles in Armenia

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God’s Miracles in Armenia

Kurds-Yazidis is one of the least reached Bibleless people group in the whole modern world. Practicing the ancient religion of their ancestors, they worship idols, and the chief one is...

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The pastor’s anointment at church “Light of the Gospel”, Kizil

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In October 2012, brother Victor Zagvozdkin was anointed to be pastor in the church “Light of the Gospel”, Kizil. Taras and Nadezhda Prystupa (Rivne, Ukraine), as well as Aleksandr Degtarov...

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Social News

Restarting the Heart Is at the Cusp of 2019

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Restarting the Heart Is at the Cusp of 2019

Dear friends, thank you so much to all those who prayed for the Tenth New Year's Youth Conference “Restarting the Heart”!

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Hectic October

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Hectic October

In October, a lot of interesting events took place for the Christian club "SKY."

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Autumn blessings of CFC «Nadia»

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Autumn blessings of CFC «Nadia»

In September, in all the schools, the school year begins, but for Nadia this is a new training season. From the first days of the fall, we have children of...

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Education News

Why Have We Attended the Day of Preschool Education?

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Why Have We Attended the Day of Preschool Education?

The education department of IPO Hope to People always seeks to seize every opportunity to bring the Gospel to educators. On September 28, the head of our education department, Arkadiy...

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Rivne Bible College “Word of Grace” (Rivne, Ukraine)

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Rivne Bible College “Word of Grace”  (Rivne, Ukraine)

The goal of the College is to help church members grow spiritually providing them with the Biblical education.

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Integrity in the Ukrainian Education System

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Integrity in the Ukrainian Education System

Employees of the IPO Hope to People visited the Summer School of Academic Integrity in the Education System, which was held from June 26-29, 2018, at the National University “Ostroh...

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