About us

The development, formation and foundation of one’s character are connected with the process of education. With the use of experience and foundations, we encourage the wide spread of Christian values among pedagogy and students of Ukraine.

Since 2000, the new subject “Christian ethics” was implemented in public school programs in Rivne and the Rivne region.
The education department of IPO “Hope to People”, under the leadership of Oleksandr Makarovich Bondrchuk, did a great job during the creation of this new subject and making the mechanism of cooperation, and support among methodologists of Rivne and Zdolbuniv, directors of educational entities and teachers work.
On the territory of our organization, the weekly club for librarians, methodologists of the education department, and Christian ethics teachers is taking place. During the club, they are working together on finding answers to life-important questions and share their issues which they face in their work environments.

We are active participants of the methodologists’ meetings of Christian ethics teachers, and librarianswith the goal of sharing our experience.
The video, CD, and DVD library became a big methodological support for teachers of Christian ethics.  
The topics of the video library are very broad (about the creation the Universe, about drug addiction, aids, abortions, and movies for children, which teach to forgive, kindness, and love). The teachers have an opportunity to use fragments of videos during their lessons, to start the conversation on a specific topic.

Currently, the subject “Christian ethics” is being taught in 14 regions of Ukraine.