Why Have We Attended the Day of Preschool Education?

The education department of IPO Hope to People always seeks to seize every opportunity to bring the Gospel to educators. On September 28, the head of our education department, Arkadiy Slyoza, took part in the All-Ukrainian day of pre-school education, which was held at the National Pedagogical University named after M.P. Dragomanov in Kiev. He went there for the purpose of spreading the Christian pedagogical journal "Word to the Teacher," which also publishes the materials on the upbringing of preschool children based on Christian values.

He also had the opportunity to meet and communicate with our partners, and to establish new relations with representatives in the area of education. In addition, Arkadiy was able to get an interview with an interesting person, whose valuable insights will soon be on the pages of our magazine. Thanks God Arkadiy also managed to collect new material for our next editions.

Familiarity and communication with the delegation of teachers from Rivne began on the way to the capital. Employees of preschool education gathered from all regions of Ukraine. On the Day of Preschool Education, the pressing issues of its development in Ukraine were discussed. Many teachers were awarded diplomas, prizes, certificates and special gratitude for their dedicated work.

We are grateful to God for the ample opportunities of biblical influence in our country granted by Him!

Tatyana Arterchuk