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About the college

Rivne Bible College “Word of Grace

logo RBK middleOn August 31, 2000 Rivne Biblical College was officially opened as ministry of International Public Organization "Hope to people." For more than ten years, we have been serving in the field of Christian education and preparing ministers to serve in Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union (Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan), as well as for Russian-speaking Christians in Germany. The college's operation is based on principles in the Holy Scriptures, specifically in the area of theology and practical life of our students and instructors.

Rivne Bible College is a Christian missionary school, focused on training and educating spiritually mature pastors, missionaries and ministers for the evangelical churches.

Students and graduates of the college are actively joining the ministries of local churches, missionary teams, and are directly involved in mission trips during academic sessions and between them.

Since the college opened, 345 students have studied in the college, among them:

146 received a graduation diploma

19 are currently studying

48 are pastors

16 are missionaries

44 are church leaders (assistant pastors, worship team, prayer and Bible study group leaders)

28 are engaged in children ministry



On August 31, 2000, the first session of the college started with a celebrative atmosphere. It was blessed by local churches: "Community of the Good Shepherd", (Rivne), "Source of Life" (Zdolbuniv), and the International Public Organization "Hope to People”. This first session included over 40 students. Applicants had to pass an examination on their knowledge of the Bible. In addition, they had to go through an interview with the selection committee of 10 people, including experienced pastors, who tried to reveal the applicant’s motives and preparation level to start Biblical education. The first teacher of the subject "Spiritual Formation" was Alex Eropkin (from Maikop, Russia, Bible College "Lampados").

The college’s first academic session was held in rented rooms of the local hotel "Tourist". A few years later, God blessed "Hope to People" with ownership of a building, which had spacious rooms for lectures, and later for a computer classroom, library and college’s reading hall. Since 2006, Rivne Bible College received a dormitory with enough rooms and all the necessary facilities for living and studying, with a kitchen and small yard.

In 2002, when the original college leadership changed, Victor Gajdajenko was appointed as director of the college. Under his leadership, Vjacheslav Arterchuk worked as the Academic Dean, Vjacheslav Gutsulyuk worked as the Student Life Dean, and Victor Gavrin worked as the library administrator. In 2010, the Lord suddenly took life of Victor Gajdajenko. For this reason, Vjacheslav Arterchuk took over as active director, and currently continues as the director of the college.

Different people have participated in the college ministry. They had to leave because they were called to other, not less important ministries.

Many college students were able to go on short-term mission trips to different regions of the former Soviet Union. Jurij Grinjov and Vjacheslav Arterchuk organized practicums and internships in churches for students. They also lead church visits in various cities and countries of the former USSR. Tomas Fleming was a big blessing and great example of dedication to the college. He was a preacher and teacher before moving for pastoral ministry in Albania. Since 2010, two people are responsible for the Bible College: director Vjacheslav Arterchuk and academic dean and library administrator- Nikolaj Nikitin.

During the lifetime of the college, different teachers from around the world have been invited to teach. Gradually, the permanent team of teachers which comes to the academic session was formed.

The college operates in a part-time format. Students and teachers come to the sessions which are held three times a year. Students pay for their tuition and traveling expenses, unless their local church supports them. Thanks to God's grace and indeed miracles, all past years college’s operation was carried out not by paid staff but people who voluntarily accepted the responsibility for the development of Biblical education.

Goals / Vision

The goal of Rivne Bible College “Word of Grace” is to teach and prepare ministers and missionaries of evangelic missionary churches through theological education.

The main objectives

Taking into account their personality, spiritual calling and gifts, we expect that in the process of training, the college students will be able to determine the sphere of their ministry and will receive the necessary knowledge and skills for practical ministry.

Rivne Bible College "Word of Grace"

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