Bible College in Rivne

In November 2018, the first session of the Rivne Bible College Word of Grace took place. Taras Nikolaevich Prystupa taught on “Personal Spiritual Formation.” During 9 days, 30 students from all over the Ukraine, as well as from Belarus, had an opportunity to dive deep into the ambience of the Gospel.

The course dealt with some vital aspects of the Christian life as follows: On what basis a Christian should build his/her foundation; Common stumbling blocks on the way to spiritual maturity; How you can preach the gospel to yourself and to others; How to live in the Body of Christ and many others. Reading through the book by J. Bridgers “The Gospel for Real Life,” having discussions, and special time for questions / answers — all of these were instrumental for students in enabling them to understand, experience, and get equipped with such necessary truths, without which the Christian life is unthinkable.

We’re thankful to the Lord beyond measure for another opportunity to breathe new life into the ministry of the college. We are also grateful to everyone who prayed and participated in this project. Our special thanks goes to pastor Taras, who, having very tight ministry schedule, has dedicated his nine days to teaching, selflessly expounding the Word of God.

Please keep on praying for the students and for their homework to be completed by the next session – Hermeneutics, which is scheduled for February 2019. This subject will be taught by missionary from Japan, who is the active pastor now, Masato Funakoshi. Pray also for the new students, who are willing to join an existing group.

Would you like to study in our college? Please let us know by emailing us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vyacheslav Arterchuk