Distribution of the Word to the Teacher magazine

On September 27, 2019, we had an opportunity to re-present our pedagogical magazine about Christian upbringing of children and youth to educators and scholars in Rivne. We visited the 16th All-Ukrainian pedagogical lectures on Vasyl Sukhomlinsky in a Dialogue with the Present at the Rivne Regional Institute of Postgraduate Teacher Training.

The Institute staff and participants showed interest in looking through the exhibition-presentation of our magazine that was organized on the Institute's premises. The Hope to People and the magazine's editorial staff have been cooperating with the Rivne Regional Institute of Postgraduate Teacher Training for many years, the magazine is presented in the library of the institution, though many educators picked up the magazine for the first time.

We have made new acquaintances with teachers, methodologists, heads of educational institutions this time. We hope they will be helpful for our further cooperation. Direct communication with teachers and educators of the region have revealed a regrettable tendency: in many schools the teaching of the subject Fundamentals of Christian Ethics is being reduced. In 2007, one of the teachers had 12 hours a week, a few years later – 10 hours, then 2 years ago – 4 hours, and eventually this academic year – only 1 hour a week in third grade.

So, we've got a lot to work to do and pray.

Arkady Slyosa