The Ten Commandments for Children

In July, the employees of the MOO "Hope to people" and young volunteers from the local churches held a six-day camp for children and teenagers from Rivne. The main theme of the camp was the Ten Commandments. 42 children and 20 team members came to Zalesye. Most of the children were not from the church context, they were invited to the camp by someone from believing friends or relatives.

It is very pleasant that church youth served the children. The children had general meetings, on which they sang, listened, learned to pray. Participants of the camp were divided into groups of 8-10 people, in which they studied the Bible under the guidance of young men and girls, their counselors.

During the camp there were a lot of sports games. Sports instructors organized an interesting camp game every day. Counselors with children participated in skits that illustrated the topics of the lessons. One of the most striking was the game, according to the rules of which kids were forbidden to touch sweets hanged and laid out throughout the territory of the camp. The punishment for disobedience was very severe. They would be whipped by nettles. At first the children did not believe and many broke the rule. Others tried to fight temptation during the day. In the evening everyone realized that it was time to pay for the sweets taken without permission. When everyone got together for the evening meeting, the atmosphere in the hall began to heat up gradually. The children were told that there must be punishment for sin, and some were already ready to accept it. Someone was frightened. Then the speaker said that they would not be punished if the punishment was taken by the innocent instead of them. And ... what struck most of all was that one of the counselors had put his back under the unmerited blows. Perhaps the back of the guy burned a few more days ... But what can not you do for the sake of the Gospel? This was a good example for children that pointed out to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The girls wept, the boys watched in silence...

There were a lot of individual conversations during which children opened themselves and shared their impressions and experiences. Three of them immediately visited the Sunday meeting right after the camp. All the rest were invited to after-camp meetings, that will be held in the form of a teenage club on Saturday.

We are grateful to God for the time He allowed to spend in communion with these children and we ask to pray so that they would get to know the living Savior.

Tatiana Arterchuk

Below are few feedbacks from the children participating in the camp

My name is Vika, I'm 11 years old. At this camp I learned a lot of new things. For example, that you can kill not only with a knife or a pistol, but also with a word and in your thoughts. I learned more about God. I learned that you need to respect your parents more, so that they love you and love them too. I also liked that there is a big territory here and you can play. Organizers come up with a lot of games, and we can have fun.

My name is Veronica. I'm 10 years old and I’m from the city of Rivne. I really enjoyed this camp, because I learned a lot about God and about the Ten Commandments. I did not know that God can touch the heart, as it was with me yesterday. I offended my friend and I felt uneasy ... I really liked the counselors. There was time with the Bible. We were told all the time about God in the evenings. I learned a lot about Him. I am very grateful to my mentor.

My name is Lera, I'm 11 years old. I've been here for five days and I really like it here. Many thanks to the organizers of the camp who prepared all of this. There are so many great games, sometimes we build a fire and talk about God. Also here are meetings two times a day for an hour and a half. Mentors are very cool to explain everything about the Ten Commandments. Also, I realized that we need to very strongly respect the parents, because they are our only and because it is pleasant to God. I really like it here, large territory and very tasty food.

I'm Vitalik. I'm 12 years old. The camp is very interesting, nothing is boring. A lot of interesting games, for example, "Capture of the flag" or "Guess the mentor!". Interesting Bible lessons, which describe the ten commandments, how to live righteously. Counselors explain these lessons very well. A question that worries parents very much is food. We are well fed. The meals are tasty, nutritious, and, in general, cool.

Everybody is very kind. There is no such thing that someone says bad words to you. There is no such thing that a counselor yells at you or expelled you. Everything is very friendly ...

I learned that it is necessary to work six days, and to devote the seventh day to God, go to church, and not just to rest. Even if you call call names or say bad words it is the same as if you killed someone. I learned that if you look lustfully at a woman, it's adultery. Not to steal is a commandment, that God is One and you can not make idols for yourself. Many conversations with the counselor on various topics: for example, about heaven and hell.

My name is Solomiya and I'm 14 years old. I liked this camp and as my mentor Alena told me about the ten commandments. And most of all I remember the fifth commandment about how to respect my father and mother.

My name is Elya and today is my birthday at the camp. I really like this camp. I learned a lot about about God. I really like it here, and I found many new friends. All people are friendly and very cheerful here. Bible lessons are very cool and fun.

My name is Andrew, I'm 10 years old. I really liked that there are many different cool games here. The counselors are very kind. The camp is cool. I learned more about the Ten Commandments and that you can kill not only bodily, but also spiritually.

My name is Vika, I'm 11 years old. I really liked the mentors, the games. Only one thing I would change. I would have made this camp longer, because I want to enjoy different happy moments, and also to study more about God. I learned that you can not speak the name of the Lord in vain, because God can punish.