Camp for kids "Obedient Heart"

From the 15th of July till the 22nd of July there was held a Christian camp for kids in Polyana village, Svalyava district, Zakarpatskiy region. It was organized by the staff of the “Hope to People” mission together with the Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis, USA.

We invited orphans from boarding schools in the Rivne region to the camp, as well as children from low-income and dysfunctional families. Most of the forty children first came to the Christian camp.

The aim of the six day camp program was to bring the Good News about Jesus Christ to the children, as well as to introduce them to the Bible - God's Word. Most of them, for the first time in their lives, opened the Book of Books, read it for the first time and wrote it out, and memorized golden verses.

At the end of the camp, having passed 6 Bible lessons and 12 worship services to God (every morning and every evening) and heard the call to repent before God, 15 teenagers came out and prayed a prayer of repentance (12 boys and 3 girls).

We have seen God's great grace in this camp. God continues to save sinners and He reminds us again and again of the importance of evangelism to children and teenagers whose hearts are open to the Gospel.

There is a big request to pray for their further spiritual growth, so that the Lord would send them spiritual mentors and bring each of them to the local churches at the place of residence. Also, so that the Lord blesses us to continue serving to all these children after the camp.

Arkady Sleza