Information newsletter #8, 2017

Dear brothers and sisters!

Thanks a lot for your prayers and participation in the ministry of “Hope to People.”  It is a great honor for us to have fellowship and partaking in God's cause with you!

We are excited to be able to share some of the news of the past month.  

“...Praise the Lord, proclaim His name, declare His works among the nations...” 

1 Chronicles 16:8;

Shaping Values in the Preschool Age

In Kiev, once again, has been held All-Ukrainian “Day of Preschool Education.” To participate in the Conference were invited delegations from all regions of Ukraine -educators and music leaders, methodologists and heads of pre-school educational institutions, representatives of the municipal, district and regional divisions and offices education.

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The First Covenant 

with the Lord

Praise the Lord! The first baptism took place on the river Gvasiuginka. Please pray for the strengthening of the faith of the young Udege woman and for her unbelieving next of kin. Pray for the extension of the ministry among the Udege people group...

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Outreach Through Sports

Thank you very much for praying about the ministry of evangelism through the Christian soccer club “Nadia.” At present, there are more than 100 children and young people who play in six teams.

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Gratefulness for the Spiritual Toil in Armenia

After a day camp for the Yazidi children in the north of Armenia, the brothers took notice of a very great need to conduct a stationary camp. They prayed a lot, and the Lord gave them an opportunity to run a camp for the Yazidi children on the shore of Lake Sevan. It was a wonderful getaway, and we had 5 eventful and blessed days...

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Please pray:

For the session of the School of the Biblical Preaching in Rivne on the topic “Systematic Theology,” which will be held October 4 – 13, in Zalesye.

Prayer Workshop

 In October 27 through 29, at the campsite Zalesye, the Association of Bible Missionary Churches of Ukraine will host a prayer retreat. The topic of the seminar: “Our Fellowship with God is Not Mere Lip Service.”


This newsletter was composed by Tatiana Arterchuk, Anatoliy Kytaikin