Prayer Newsletter # 9 / 2018

Greetings to everyone!

We're so excited that there are people who read the news and pray for the Hope to People ministry.

The Sovereign God, in His faithfulness and persistence, presses on with the work of evangelism in Ukrainian cities and villages, giving us the opportunity to participate in evangelism amongst non-Christian peoples in our country as well as in other countries of the world. And this became possible only through the enabling work of His Spirit, as well as thanks to your prayers, friendship, and support. We're grateful to God for having you!

Please scroll down and read through about what has happened in the life of our ministers last month.


Why Did We Attend 

The Day of Preschool Education?

The education department IPO Hope to People is aiming to take every opportunity to bring the Gospel to the educators. On September 28, the head of our education department, Arkady Slyoza, took part in the All-Ukrainian Day of Pre-School Education, which was held at the National Pedagogical University named after MP Dragomanov in Kiev. He went there with the purpose of promoting the Christian pedagogical journal “Word to the Teacher,” which also publishes the materials on the upbringing of preschool children based on Christian values.


Presentations of the Magazine 

“Word to the Teacher” 

At one of the schools in Rovno, a presentation of the Christian spiritual and educational magazine “Word to the Teacher” for local entrepreneurs took place. The event was held with the assistance of the Education Department of the Rivne City Executive Committee with the participation of the Deputy Head of the Education Department, teachers and schoolchildren. The presentation of the magazine was organized by employees of the educational department IPO Hope to People, and by the authors who are writing for the magazine. The attendees had a wonderful opportunity to become acquainted with the history of publishing the magazine, lines of Christian poetry, fragments of the Christian ethics lessons, an exhibition of paintings “The Life of Jesus Christ in Works of Art,” that is, they were explicitly shown what materials of the magazine can offer to the teacher. The purpose of the meeting is to popularize the magazine “Word to the Teacher” as the only Christian educational publication in Ukraine, designed to help teachers and parents in raising children and becoming real Christians, as well as to ensure the support by businessmen.

Bible College

On November 7-16, the session of Word Grace Rivne Bible College will be held in Zalesie. Brothers and sisters from the Bible churches of Ukraine, Belarus and other countries will be trained for 2 years. They will be able to come to nine-day sessions three times a year: in the fall, winter and spring. The subjects that they will take in college are designed to facilitate in the spiritual formation, and to help them prepare for a ministry in their churches. Pastors and teachers with extensive ministry experience will teach on the necessary principles for studying the Bible, and will do a survey of the Old and New Testaments, Church history introduction, as well as provide the principles of systematic theology. The graduates of this college are involved in pastoral, missionary, youth, children, and other ministries in their local churches. The first subject “Spiritual Formation” will be taught by pastor, Taras Nikolaevich Prystupa. We ask you to pray with us for all the students, for the teaching process. And most importantly, pray that the gained knowledge will be used for the benefit of the internal and numerical growth of the Christ’s Church.

Evangelizing the Visitors 

from the Non-Christian World

There are many people from non-Christian countries, who come to Ukraine to work and study, and to receive a refugee status. Our ministers, who work for this category of people, look for them right on the streets of the cities. Foreign students of Ukrainian universities are open to friendship. India, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Turkey, Azerbaijan, China, Israel – this is not a complete list of the countries from which they came to get their education. In the south of Ukraine, the ministry of Russian language courses for foreign students is already kicked off.

A lot of migrants are living in the central part of Ukraine. We already have a training program for all Christians who want to serve such people without leaving their country. Our ministers are helping to get familiar with the language, culture and traditions of the Eastern peoples. For everyone who is willing, there is an opportunity to get acquainted with Christians-representatives of these peoples.


This fall, our minister Nikolay Nikitin from the city of Rovno, together with the pastor-missionary Alexander Degtyarev from the city of Novorossiysk, visited our friends, brothers and sisters in Tuva. For many years, God made it possible for Alexander to serve in Kyzyl, as well as through the Hope to People mission in every possible way to contribute to serving the Tuvan people in preaching the Gospel. During these years, God blessed with the establishment of a new church in Kyzyl and several small groups in other countrysides of Tuva (Ak-Dovurak, Aryg-Uzu). 

In recent years, the pastoral ministry in Kyzyl, at the Light of the Gospel church, is undertaken by brother Victor Zagvozdkin. During this time, the church has experienced many blessings and challenges. So in 2016, there was a fire, and the roof of the church building was completely burned down, but the Lord miraculously made up for this loss through the help of many of God's children and church members who participated in renovation themselves. Today, the church is getting together basically in the new premises, where they have two services on Sundays. Praise the Lord for the blessings and growth of the community! 

Pray for the Lord to strengthen the Tuvinian brothers and sisters to be dedicated to the ministry for the sake of His Kingdom. Once in a while, they lose heart and become weaker in faith as they are going through the despair and disappointments of life. Pray for the converted Tuvans to grow spiritually in the truth, and that their lives will reflect the character of Christ.



This year, again, we had the greatest honor to deal with the ministry to the non-Christian people in one of the most inaccessible regions of East Asia. The minister, for whom we prayed a lot, has returned to the country of his ministry after having a short break in his homeland. He was able to obtain permission from the state for his stay in the country and now is soliciting for the arrival of his wife and young children. 

Unfortunately, he cannot return to the city of his previous place of ministry in view of his safety concerns, where there are, as he said, believing brothers. He asks prayers for them, since after accepting Christ, they resist against the political system hostile to Christianity, and against the religious traditions of their non-Christian families. They undergo serious tests of their faith. We also ask you to pray for the safety of the minister in the new place, and for the material support of his stay there.


Text and design: Tatyana Arterchuk, Translation: Anatoly Kitaykin

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