Information and Prayer Newsletter №10/2019

We would like to thank God for His love and mercy towards all of us. We are thankful to you for praying and participating in our ministry in Ukraine and other countries.

 Early fall has been very busy and below you can find the information about several directions of the ministry we participate in.

College Training

We are thankful to God and all His children who made efforts for the regular session/training to take place at the Rivne Bible College Word of Grace. Students took Church History in the middle of September. Sergiy Kyrylenko, pastor from Ivano-Frankivsk Church of Christ the Savior, taught it in a very informative way. Please pray that this group of students will be blessed to finish their study in this three-year program and that all of them will continue serving in their churches and in God's Kingdom.

Meeting of the Campers

Campers who participated in the camp for orphans and children from needy families last summer came for a meeting at the beginning of October. The camp team, boys and girls from different parts of Ukraine, John and Marilyn Whittemore from the Second Presbyterian Church, Memphis, USA, came to the meeting. It was a hard trip, but they still arrived. They enjoyed fellowship, games, and treats. They heard the Word, that they should remember God and come to Him. It was obvious that young people missed that time and each other. They suggested that next time they should start earlier and spend the whole day together. All the kids said later that they were thankful. They try to read the Bible, but meetings like that was a great encouragement. They need to be reminded about God and their decisions they had made in the camp, to be told to trust Jesus in their difficult circumstances. It was a blessed time for God's glory, a time of spiritual building and strengthening of their friendly relations. Praise God for everything! We hope that the next meeting will take place at the end of November.

Distribution of the Word to the Teacher magazine

On September 27, 2019, we had an opportunity to re-present our pedagogical magazine about Christian upbringing of children and youth to educators and scholars in Rivne. We visited the 16th All-Ukrainian pedagogical lectures on Vasyl Sukhomlinsky in a Dialogue with the Present at the Rivne Regional Institute of Postgraduate Teacher Training.
The Institute staff and participants showed interest in looking through the exhibition-presentation of our magazine that was organized on the Institute's premises. 
The Hope to People and the magazine's editorial staff have been cooperating with the Rivne Regional Institute of Postgraduate Teacher Training for many years, the magazine is presented in the library of the institution, though many educators picked up the magazine for the first time.
Please pray for the development of relations with Ukrainian teachers and for not cutting hours for Fundamentals of Christian Ethics at public schools where children are able to get acquainted with the Bible and Christianity.

Meeting with Teachers

We are thankful to God for gifting the Hope to People workers with pedagogical skills and teaching experience at school. We are glad that workers of the Institute of Postgraduate Teacher Training show their interest towards methodological guidance provided by our department of Christian Ethics. It is a tradition now that groups of teachers from the region visit our mission while in Rivne for education classes. During such meetings our workers show them parts of the lessons, exhibition of reproductions of paintings on the life of Jesus Christ by famous artists, they get to know our magazine Word to a Teacher and other literature. It is a blessed and God given opportunity to establish friendly relations with the people who teach arts in Ukrainian schools.