Prayer newsletter for May 2012


Dear brothers and sisters, we are glad to share with you some news of “Hope to People’s” ministries. Because it has been a busy period, the prayer information took extra time to prepare. Perhaps you know some of the news from this prayer newsletter. Regardless, we hope that this newsletter will be useful and interesting. We are thankful to God for everything that is happening. He stays faithful and kind, as he was yesterday and before. 


I am thankful to God for the opportunity to continue my work on the Christian teacher’s magazine “Word to Teacher.” In the beginning of May the second issue was published. Its topic is “God is a Creator.”01

The increasing amount of subscribers makes me happy. Several Christian schools have decided to order our magazine; God is sending new volunteers to help publish the magazine.


Ruslana Kovalchuk’s materials, published in “Word to Teacher” #2/2012, are especially helpful for day camps. The ideas don’t require much funding, but at the same time, help to support the knowledge from the lessons of Christian ethics.



I am asking you to pray for the preparation of the third issue of the magazine (the topic is “God is a Righteous Judge”); for people who would help to create the magazine; for new subscribers and visitors to the magazine’s website (this magazine exists thanks to volunteer work of Tomas Fleming, missionary in Albania).

Nadezhda Dolya

02The staff of the Bible College “Word of Grace” and staff of the School of Biblical Preaching are grateful to God for overflowing blessings, which God gave us with during last month. The School of Biblical Preaching organized a seminar “Biblical conflict resolution” in Rivne. The topic is extremely important and applicable not only for ministers and preachers, but for Christians of the local churches. Therefore, not only students from the School of Biblical Preaching, but all those interested in knowing God, were invited to the seminar. After the seminar, many brothers and sisters were able to visit a conference in Kiev, at which Aleksej Kolomijtsev taught on the topic “Encouraging influence”. We are thankful to God for all the blessings which He is sharing with our churches, mission and Ukraine in general. Praised be His name!!!!


04On 16th of May, a new academic session “Hermeneutics” started in the Bible College. Vladimir Chohonelidze was teaching this important topic. We hope that this subject will give a fundamental basis for studying the Holy Scripture. Please pray about our students, their spiritual growth, and skills to minister in His Church. We still have unresolved issues regarding financing for academic proposals. During the last few years the situation in Rivne Bible College, branches in Armenia and Middle Asia drastically changed. There is no financing support left, so please pray for our proposals to find funds.

With love and gratefulness Vjacheslav Artarchuk

05We are thankful to our God for the ending of the academic year in schools. Two of our children are preparing to the summer holiday after school is over. God blessed them in their studies this year and they finish the year having good grades. This is a good testimony for unbelievers in school. We also have had some good times communicating with each other as a family.


We are also thankful to God for an opportunity to teach children God’s Word in school during classes on Christian ethics, where we can share the truth and affirm the new generation with it. 

Praise God for His grace.

Nikolaj Nikitin


Praise to God for the ministry, through which He is being glorified.
06The academic year is almost over. I am leading the final classes of Christian Ethics in Klevan orphanage for children with sight deficits. The children are happily sharing about what they have learned during the academic year.

We have also spent Sunday worship time outside in nature with children and teachers. We sang songs together, played different games and fried sausages. It was fun, felt like family at the picnic.

Please pray for the Christian day camp on the topic: “Life is not a game, but similar”, which takes place from May, 28th to June 1st in Rivne Ukrainian Gymnasium.


Ruslana Kovalchuk