Prayer newsletter for September – October 2012 (II part)

Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them  by my Father in heaven” Matthew 18:19


Nikitin family

01God blesses us with an opportunity to minister in Christian education. Regular academic sessions took place in the Biblical School of Preaching and the Bible College. It is a big blessing for us to minister to students during their academic process.

For me personally, it is a time of temptations and worry. The reason is that Natasha was in the hospital because of an unstable condition with her pregnancy. Church and family prayed for her. The Lord has sent us help. Natasha’s condition has stabilized and she is on home medical treatment.

We are thankful to God for an opportunity to minister through preaching in the church and small group.

God gave a great opportunity to work with youth and invest in their souls.

Twice a week, the Christian ethics classes take place in public schools, where our children study. This is a great opportunity for us to share the Gospel.

We are asking you to pray for our family, about our participation in the ministry of the church and spreading of the Gospel among non-Christian children.

Respectfully Nikolaj Nikitin

Rivne Bible College

 02“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”. This verse from Matt. 6:33 was the defining mood and research topic at the fall 2012 academic session in Rivne Bible College. This time, students could experience an atmosphere and learn the historic, cultural and social characteristic of the New Testament period. We had lessons, discussions, homework assignments, presentations, and excursions in Ostroh’ castle and the Museum of Book.

03After teaching the subject “Introduction to the New Testament” for many years, Vjacheslav Artarchuk had prepared and printed out the notes. These notes allowed the covering of a bigger volume of information and the finishing of the session one day ahead of schedule. Responses show that students learned a lot of interesting and new things about the New Testament, canon, and culturally-historical context of the period, during this academic session.

The process of learning lasts an entire life, so there is still a lot to learn. However, the foundation, which students receive during studying in college, is a good platform for further study of the Bible and growth in faith. We are grateful to all who are praying, donate and minister to us, particularly during this academic session. God bless you all.


Biblical School of Preaching

 04The Biblical School of Preaching had an academic session on the topic “From exegesis to exposition.” The instructor from the church “Word of Grace” (Vancouver, USA), Vitalij Rozhko taught students the basic principles of preparation, building, and preaching of an expositional sermon, which is the result of historical-grammatical analysis of a particular passage in the Bible. Students were learning to prepare sermons and to preach. 

The session consists of four main parts. The first part talks about the theological preparation of the preacher. The second part talks about the process of sermon preparation. The third part describes elements of sermon presentation. The fourth part talks about things the preacher has to do after the sermon.

05Students were preparing to prepare sermons on short, medium size and long Bible passages (part of a chapter, a chapter, and entire book) while working with different genres in Scripture (narrative, poetry, biography, theology). They also learned to evaluate their own sermons and the sermons of other students.

More information about the academic session and about the students’ impressions can be found at this address:

 Vjacheslav Artarchuk, director of Rivne Bible College "Word of Grace"



 06The church “Light of the Gospel” from Kizil is thankful to our Lord for the freedom to share about faith in Jesus Christ in a Buddhist-Shaman republic.

Recently, the anointment of Victor Zagvozdkin as a pastor took place here. Taras Mikolajovich with his wife (Rivne, Ukraine) and Aleksandr Degtarov (Novorosijk, Russia) visited the church because of this. They were ministering ten days to the Kizil church with sermons, teaching in God’s Word, and having spiritual conversations with many church members. Praise be to our Lord for His instructions, exposure, encouragement, and consolation through our guests.


07Prayer requests of our church:

1. To protect Biblical preaching, prayers for preachers.

2. Unity, same thinking, mutual love.

3. Dedication of ministers, especially brothers (there are few of them).

4.For pastor Victor Zagvozdkin, deacon Oleg Markov, and preacher Oorzhak Eres

5. For repentance of the Tuvinian nation, for Tuvinian pastors, who would preach truth in their native culture.

6. For the church in Ak-Dovurake (minister Oorak Ajas, his wife Sajlik and four children).

7. For the Bible study group in Arig-Uzuu.

 We want to thank you ahead of time for prayer support.

Victor Zagvozdkin


Trip to a Middle Asian Country and Crimea

 08This summer, our Lord gave us an opportunity to visit a Middle Asian Country and meet with the ministry in Christian education there. The administration of the institute offered to send their students in Crimea to help with ministry.

So, three brothers and two sisters came to minister for an entire month. We were visiting different settlements where our ministers live during this month.

We visited Berezovka, where Halil and Emil live. All relatives and neighbors came for the conversations. The visit of a young guy from the neighbourhood was a pleasant surprise. Even though he is a radical Muslim, he listened without arguing and saw how Tatars and people from Middle Asia sincerely believe in Jesus Christ.

We want to ask for your prayer support, for God to prepare the hearts of people to accept the Gospel. We are very glad to see God’s hand and the fruits of our trip in Middle Asia. Not only did we serve them, but they showed desire and served the Crimea Tatar nation.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We are all healthy and feeling great.

Respectfully Stefanko family



Thank you for your prayers and support of “Hope to People” ministries.


We are thankful to our Lord for all His blessings and mercies to us! We trust Him with all our needs, because everything happens according to His mercy and grace toward us, His people. Let His name be praised in us and through our lives!