Information newsletter# 4, 2013

“Gospel” is not only the key word of last month in the mission “Hope to People”, but is the meaning of life for every Christian. Without Christ, His birth, life, death and resurrection, people would have no hope in the present or future. Brothers and sisters, we are glad to share with you God’s grace in our ministry. Be blessed with our blessing!


Gospel through 01“World masterpieces about the Savior”

During the last two months, over 1000 people in Rivne and the Rivne region could not only hear but “see” the Gospel with their eyes through the picture exhibition of famous painters, which is dedicated to the life of Jesus Christ. One of the outreach locations in May was Sarny.

We are grateful to God for this opportunity to share saving truths and ask you to pray for the fruits, for God’s Word does not return without results.


Gospel to the teachers

In the beginning of May, the new issue of the magazine “Word to the Teacher” was published. We are happy that the magazine does not sit in the boxes, but is quickly spread throughout Ukraine. We have over 500 subscribers, churches buy magazines, it is used in Sunday schools, and public school teachers receive it as a gift.

We hope that the Biblical information that is in the magazine will bring the Gospel grace into the lives of many people. Pray about financing for further publishing of the magazine “Word to the Teacher.”


Gospel to 02the nations!

For the first time, at the missiology session (13-22 of May 2013), students of Rivne Bible College “Word of Grace” studied the Bible course “Kairos.” Chad Uibi, minister at Send International, Igor Plyva, pastor of the church “Light of the Gospel” (Kiev), and their team were representing the “Great Commission” as it is.

During the last three days of the session, students went through the course “Church structure.” Instructor, Jurij Pilipovich, pastor at the church “Grace” in Brest, taught about the church: its main functions and models.

We want to ask you to pray about upcoming academic sessions for this group of students and about practical application of received knowledge.


Gospel in 03the life of the minister

Under such a name, through the ministry of SBP “Word of Grace”, the seminar “Gospel in the life of a minister” took place in Brest with the participation of Aleksej Kolomijtsev. The gospel is the basis on which we stand and live; even more it is important for any minister whose main goal is to share it with people.

We are grateful to God for filling in with Good News, without which real happy life is impossible, as well as eternal. We ask you to pray about the Gospel being spread through the mouths and lives of those who were present at the seminar.

Dear brothers and sisters, we want to ask you to pray about our events, needs, and plans for the next months and this summer. We realize that we depend on God, therefore we put our hope in Him.


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God bless you!