Information and prayer newsletter #1, 2014

Welcome, brothers and sisters!

We are pleased to share with you about the blessings that filled our ministry during the past three months.

The grace of God is alive!


                                 Church activities


The 5th Youth Christmas Conference "Restart the Heart" was held in Zalesye for the first time. For three days it was uniting 170 people in study of "Faith, driven with love". The evening of thanksgiving and witnesses showed that each year the Lord had saved his children and brought up the church youth.

       At the end of January there was the 19th Missionary Conference in the church "Community of the Good Shepherd". This time we paid our attention on the establishment of the Mission - the Great Commission from Mt. 28:18-20. Despite many guests couldn’t arrive, because of the unstable situation in our country, the church and invitees updated their missionary vision and prepared to continue expanding the limits of the kingdom of our God (on the photo: guests from Belarus).

image007Orphan ministry

Our brother and friend John from Memphis has visited Ukraine for the umpteenth time with the purpose of serving orphans and graduates of boarding schools. This is the miracle of God's grace, when people leave their comfort zone to meet people with a difficult fate and to serve their welfare. Thank God!

There was a Christian camp In Transcarpathia for the graduates of boarding schools from Rivne region, where children could learn about God and His character.

       Guided tours were helpful too. Young people saw the miracles of God's creation revealed in nature.

 Sports ministry

The first leadership camp of ministry Christian Soccer Team "Hope" was held in the Transcarpathian region. Through the prism of the 2nd Timothy team of sports ministers studied the course "Apprenticeship as a lifestyle". Time spent together was a good support and motivation to continue the sports evangelism.

     Shortly thereafter, there was another meeting for the soccer players. Boys had a frank male conversation concerning the past and the future of the team, during the trip to countryside. They were thinking of their participation in a new soccer season and of their preparation to it.

Camp ministryimage009

In February, there was organized the Winter holiday in Zalesye. Nehemiah was a good spiritual helper and a guide for young people in the context of a difficult political and economic situation in our country. Although the communication wasn’t widespread, it was warm and friendly.

During the last month twice a week the office staff of "Hope to people" made day trips to the base in Zalesye for active leisure-labor. They were cleaning the territory and the buildings, planting trees, taking care of animals, etc. There was also the time for communion and just enjoying the silence of the forest.



Word to teacher

There was published the first this year issue of the magazine for teachers and all those who are somehow involved in the upbringing younger generation. Although its publication hasn’t reached the large-scale distribution yet, it has already formed its audience, who use the magazine to share the truth with children. By the way, the economic situation in our country makes a bit difficult to continue publishing the magazine, but the editorial board, relying on God's grace and the support, doesn’t lose their hope and continues working on the next release.





Missionary work in Tuva continues. There was the seminar "Family and marriage with the eyes of God” in Kyzyl church, It was very relevant for the Tuvan people. Victor Zagvozdkin one of the pastors and ministers of the local church conducted it with a team of Tuvan brothers - Ayas and Artem Hulerom. "Questions and Answers" have shown that in this area there is still a lot of work.





       There was a session of the Rivne Bible College "Word of Grace" on the theme "Pastoral Ministry". Sergey Timofeyev - pastor of the church in Dneprodzerzhinsk was the main teacher there. Inspired by the truth participants returned to their churches for further creation of their souls and influence on others. Our brother Sergei Kirilenko from Vinnitsa will be a teacher at the next session of the course "History of the Church".