Information and prayer newsletter # 2, 2014

Welcome, dear brothers and sisters!

God implements His plan and we are happy that He uses us in it. We hope you will enjoy our news and they will inspire you to serve, despite the circumstances that keep Ukraine and the world in suspense.





This spring we have already held the second session of the third set at School of Bible Preaching. Pastor Andrew Rezunenko and 40 brothers from Ukraine and neighboring countries have studied "Principles of the Holy Scripture." Fitted with good learning tools brothers returned to their churches to convey God's truth even more clearly.



Therefore, we are writing to you to pray for two additional sessions (June 23- July 5, 2014) for the same set of brothers who wished to join the educational process. If you also want to participate in the ministry of spiritual formation, please contact us.





Just after the session at the School of Bible Preaching, our students together with the alumni of the school and some others have participated in the seminar of Alex Kolomiytsev which called "Only Christ" on the book of Hebrews. Due to the large number of participants, the seminar was held in the church "Dzherelo Zhittya" in Zdolbunov. This church served not only with their building, but also with the worship team, the choir and the kitchen.





The last session of Rivne Bible College “Word of Grace” was great. The reason is not only the graduation of sisters who have completed a three-year course of study, but also a new teacher, a College and School of Bible Preaching alumni Sergei Kirilenko. He is a servant of the "Everlasting Gospel" church in Vinnitsa, who made with students a fascinating journey through the course "History of the Church".

Please pray about continuation of education and, probably, for a new set to the Rivne Bible College. If you have a desire to study, you can contact us to get the additional information.

"Word to Teacher"

God is good! All the days of blessings! The second issue of the magazine came out, whose main objective is to convey the Gospel to teachers and students of educational institutions in Ukraine. Unfortunately, through the last few years the number of subscribers has increased not enough to make it self-sustaining publication.

This is one of the prayer needs for this year, to complement somehow missing deficit. 

Christian camps


"Golden youth" - this is the theme of five day camp, which has brought together 38 teens and secondary school children, as well as a team of 8 brothers and sisters in Rivne. Of course, on the basis of Mt. 6:20 (the motto of the camp) it was about God's "golden youth". Each day was begun with praise and a Bible lesson. Then there were handcrafts, lunch and camp game. The day ended with all common worshiping. The final event was a fair.



Here is one of the reviews: "When I went to the lessons of Christian ethics, I realized that my heart is like a seed that was growing, but the thorns started to choke it. I wanted to be a child of God and to praise Him every day. I wanted to bear fruit for God, and that my actions brought only joy to Him. I beg God to release me from idols in my thoughts and actions. I am thankful for our friends and leaders who have taken the initiative to implement this camp. I want to learn how to collect treasures on heaven" Mila (Grade 6).

Please pray for a club or a group for these children that we could start in September where they could learn the God of the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


"... to the ends of the earth" 


Service in Armenia continues. Church "Ararat" nourishes. There were hold two sessions of School of Bible Preaching. Between the sessions took place the conference "The Gospel in the Old Testament." There was also a three-day conference "What is the church."

Soon in Kahtsrashene where Artak Marandyan has a ministry, with God’s willing, will begin a youth ministry.

On the beginning of July is planed baptism. It will be taken by about 30 people from different churches.

The fifth child - Daniel was born in the family of Arthur.


Brothers and sisters from Armenia ask to pray for the upcoming summer events, camps and baptism. Pastor Arthur asks for prayers for his health and his family trip to Ukraine for the registration of the child.

Brothers and sisters, please, continue to support Ukraine in prayer. All is in God's hands. We will rely only on Him. Let admitted difficulties bring more glory to God and accompany the spread of the Gospel.

In view to this, summer will be doubly hot, because spiritual work will be carried out in the context of obsessive thoughts about what will happen next ... I would like God at this time to reveal the power of His grace and awaken the church to more consecrated life, which shows our precious Savior Christ.