The Life of Vera

Vera Zhitnik is the person who had devoted herself to missionary service in Primorsky Krai.

Alexandra Kovalenko, the author of the book “To the End of the Earth...,” writes about the life and ministry of Vera, and calls her a Ukrainian missionary in the Far East.

From the book, we can learn about Vera’s childhood and adolescence. She was born in 1960, in the picturesque village of Yakimovka, Vinnitsa region, and was brought up in a large Christian family. In fact, she was the fourth child. Vera was an obedient and easygoing girl. Even at her young age, she knew a lot about Christ. During her school time, she faced a lot of humiliations for her faith, but always remained calm and peaceful. Little Vera tried to do everything as she was taught by her parents, but she still did not have a living and unwavering faith in Jesus...

Year after year, Vera struggled with the thoughts that kept coming over and over to her that she needed a full out conversion to Jesus, but she tried to ward them off, because she has already considered herself a Christian. In 1977, as Vera resided in Vinnitsa and visited the church of Evangelical Baptist Union, she made a resolute decision at one of the worship services, promising to God in her prayer that her life from then on belongs only to Him.

Vera's friend, Elena Panchuk, recalls that in those years of atheism – tough times for believers of the Soviet Union, the youth of their church led an active Christian life: they were gathering to study the Bible, singing hymns, praying, traveling around the villages, sharing with to people about God. Vera was very fond of singing to the Lord. She was a cheerful and resilient girl, who always had a gentle smile that attracted people of different ages. She even joked that her initials ZVV (Zhitnik Vera Vladimirovna) should stand for the Russian letters as “Always Happy Life.” At the same time the girl was very shrewd and intelligent, and had a strong character. Her favorite verse from the Bible was: “The Lord is my part,” says my soul, “so I will hope for Him” (Lamentations 3:24). People, who knew Vera, say that she does any work with a song on her lips, thoroughly and responsibly, as for the Lord. If someone needed help, she would help immediately. And if someone needed something, Vera could just give away anything without even thinking.

Vera was eager to serve both God and people, and she often prayed that God would use her as He pleased. And then, one day a serious tragedy had happened with Vera! Actually his situation became a turning point in her life. Perhaps this was the answer to her prayers...

In 1988, Vera got hit by a car as the she was coming back from her friend's wedding in the evening. Having severe head injuries and without conscious, she was taken to the hospital, where doctors battled for her life for couple of days doing operations, and the church earnestly prayed for her all through this time. “Almighty and merciful God, in whose hands life and death,” writes Alexander Kovalenko, “God inclined His ear to the sincere prayers of His children and performed a miracle.” Vera, totally worn out by lengthy treatment, almost without hair, with awful scars on her head, has never lost heart or complained about anything. As she was given a mirror for the first time after this accident, she looked at herself and bursted into laughter so that everyone around her started laughing with her, too.

As soon as Vera had been discharged from the hospital, she immediately returned to her former service in Sunday school, she continued to make visits and render help to people, but something has changed. At this point, she began to wonder how she could bring the message of salvation to those places where people had never heard of God. Her latter experience of death brought her to a point of a firm decision-making to devote herself to this service, and so in 1991, Vera joined the missionary department of the Donetsk Biblical College. At that time, there was the very first recruitment of students.

Vera was saying: “I am grateful to God for the way He leads me, I want Jesus to be glorified through my life. After God brought me back to life, I realized that God had left me here not just to enjoy that I was saved and have the eternal life, but that I should take the God’s message to other people. Along with a group of young people, we worked in the regional settlements (Vinnytsia region), sharing with people about the love of God. But God expected more from me, and He continued to burden my heart with the thoughts about reaching out to the lost people. I prayed a lot asking God to use me for His work. Later on, 4 more people joined me. We even wanted to go to an area where there were no believers at all. But God had in mind something else. He blessed me the opportunity to study at the Bible College. During this period, God taught and revealed a lot of new things to me. In my salvation, in my studies, in all my life, I always see the will of God. Looking back on my whole life, I can think of that time as the way of preparation for the further work. At the outset of my training, I put into my heart one thought: wherever God will show me to go for the ministry I'll go there without giving a second thought. I was bringing my desire for the ministry before God in prayer for a quite some time. I believe that the Primorsky Krai is the answer from God, and He definitely wants me to work there. And if He wants me to go there, then He will not leave me nor forsake me, but will support me in tough times.”

After graduation from the missionary department of the Donetsk Christian University, Vera immediately accepted the job offer from the Christian mission The Light of the Gospel, and when the mission was reorganized into the Missionary Brotherhood Association (now it is the International Public Organization Hope to People), she continued to work at the far off Primorye Krai. In those places, there was a great need for ministers. Not too many missionaries dared to go so far as to the Pacific coast, literally to the fringes of the earth.


In the photo, Vera and the mission staff

After being blessed by parents and the church in 1992, Vera went on a mission trip to Dalnegorsk.

Dalnegorsk is the city of miners, explosives, geologists, chemists and well-to-do people. In this city, there are so many streets scattered around everywhere that are compressed by high hills and centuries-old taiga. The hills are the main attraction and the most beautiful landscape of the city. The city itself is situated on the river valley, in which there is a vast industrial zone of the mining and chemical combine. The climate of Dalnegorsk is quite similar to the climate of the Far North regions. However, Vera was not frightened by this very fact.

Here is an excerpt from her first letter home to relatives:

“We had a safe flight to our destination, and people were waiting for us here. It was a kind reception! Actually you know what I can say straightforwardly that I came home. I thought it could be worse. I met a good people here. I got acquainted with believers soon after my arrival, and they actually expected me to be here on Sunday, but I arrived on Monday. But, they all got together and organized a real holiday.

Mom, please do not worry, everything is going to be fine with me here. God will not forsake me. Pray for me, for I believe that there is a great power in the prayer.

There’s a lot of work to be done, but I came here for this reason. There are many schools and colleges, and everybody wants me to work with them.

I have already learned a little bit about the city... The nature here is awesome! I share an apartment with one sister. She's so talkative. I think I will be fine here.”

In Dalnegorsk, Vera continued her work, which had been previously started by a brother Pavel Yakovenko. She was engaged in some extra-curricular activities in schools, where she could share about God, the Bible, and salvation. Over time, children began to come to Sunday school. Likewise, Vera led two small groups of the Bible study, and held Sunday worship service with the new converts. It was not easy for her, but the Lord was giving her strength and desire to serve people.

When the church group began to grow in number, Vera realized that she really needed some help from brothers who would be able to work with men. In the fall of 1993, Mikhail Kucherenko and Yaroslav Prikhitko, who are also from Ukraine, came to Dalnegorsk to help Vera in her missionary service.

In 1996, Vera moved to the village Olga, where there was, at the time, a critical situation in the church. The missionary who served there, left the church, and there was no one who could be a leader in the church. The congregation basically consisted of only sisters, most of them were elderly. And again Vera had to take on all the church work: worship services, all kinds of meetings, fellowships, youth work and Sunday school... Everyone, who found out about what this girl was doing alone, was surprised, but there was no one who would be ready to fill in for her or help her.


Photo from the Internet



The map of Olginsky district, which Vera sent in one of her missionary reports


Where was this fragile girl getting so much strength for such a titanic work from? The author of the book about Vera quotes from her personal diary of those days:

“I thank my Lord that I am always in front of His eyes. And being before His eyes I have the opportunity to experience the fullness of joy. Knowing that God is always near me, I cannot afford to be frightened by difficulties. Wherever I was, I have a Great Leader, Advocate, Friend, Father, Physician, Teacher ... He gives hope, tranquility and peace.”

“Two women were behind the bars and one of them saw the mud while looking out the window, because she was just staring at the ground, but the other – saw the sky and the stars, because she was looking up. May the Lord helps me to look up at the heaven, trusting in Him, relying on Him – only then any of His decisions will be accepted with joy.”

Vera lived a life of a very modest woman. In a small room where she lived, there were a desk and hanging shelves with many books.

Vera was contemplating a lot and had a habit of taking down her thoughts. She also published excellent evangelistic articles in the regional newspapers of Primorsky Krai. We'd like to quote one of her Christmas greetings to the residents of the town of Olga, which was published in the newspaper “Zavety Lenina” on January 6, 1999.

“Do you have any idea when your life has begun? It's started when you were born. Every child has a birthday.

Jesus Christ was also born like every baby. But, His life did not begin from that moment on. He actually lived long before that. God and Jesus Christ lived forever. Jesus, the Son of God, has lived with His Father and Holy Spirit in heaven even before the earth was created.

You know how beautiful the earth was at first. Adam and Eve were also beautiful. After all, they were created in the image and likeness of God. But sin had entered the world and defiled the whole creation. In fact, sin brought on sickness, suffering and death, and people can never get rid of it by themselves. In order to liberate humanity, a sinless substitute was needed, who would be punished for the guilt of others. Only the Son of God could fulfill this mission. Jesus Christ willingly agreed to go to earth and implement God's plan of saving people. In God's perfect timing, the Holy Spirit had prepared for Jesus Christ a flesh – same as all people possess, and the Son of God was born in a small town of Bethlehem.

What a beautiful exultation was on that night by the choir of angels! What an excitement had the creatures of heaven experienced that Jesus Christ came to earth in order to become the Savior of all people!

For Jesus, to come down to earth meant leaving the sky, this is a beautiful place of radiance of God's glory, where there is no disease, suffering or sin. In heaven, Jesus Christ was the richest of all. The whole universe belonged to Him. But, when He came to earth, He emptied Himself to become the poorest of the poor. So Jesus went from the riches to rags to make His people rich. All the glory and riches were left in heaven. No one had even prepared for Him a house to live on the earth. He was born in a dungy stall.

Although, Jesus Christ is impeccable, He became in everything like us – human beings. The most important difference was, between Him and us, that in Him there was no sin. He was born sinless, spotless, blameless and flawless. Praise the Lord!!!

Dear residents of the village Olga and Olga region!

Merry Christmas!

Let's pull our attention away from the holiday's hustle and bustle, and ask ourselves a question: What is the reason for all this fuss? Why so much fuss over nothing?

God visited our planet. Jesus Christ came to manifest us God and die for our sins. God became the Man, so that we could live forever with Him (John 1:1-4).

Merry Christmas!

Bear the joy of Christmas every day in your hearts.

Vera Zhitnik
Church of Evangelical Christians”



At that time, there were quite a few sisters in the church, and Vera had simply studied the Bible with them and prayed for the spiritual awakening in the village. She prayed a lot about the awakening of the youth in this village. In the Olga district, where Vera moved, there were a lot of young people who were heavy drinkers and drug addicts. So God has laid it on her heart in August 1995, to organize a Christian camp for this kind of people. The camp acquired the name “Nadezda” (Hope), because they had a hope that the Lord would use this ministry to save many young souls. In this camp, there were young people from several churches, as well as children and teenagers with whom Vera worked in Olga.

At the beginning, they had no money for the camp whatsoever. So, when push came to shove, after a short prayer, Vera decided to ask for money some businessmen who lived in Olga and, 10 people have actually responded and lavishly donated for this camp, and even for the following camps. For three years in a row, Vera was the director of “Nadezda.” Since then, the camp is held every summer.

Vera Zhitnik was trying to contact the local youth, she always had enough money to host a tea party, inviting them home to fellowship with them. She also prayed for each one of them pretty much all the time, and has desperately tried to pass the Gospel on to them. Over time, she gained a huge credibility among unbelieving youth. Their parents were just blown away by how she managed to find a way to communicate with their children in a sense that they were so outgoing and open with her. In fact, the influence that Vera had on these people was obvious. As a result, many of them came to church – this is how the young people were brought to church. Vera herself was very hospitable woman. Having a simple conversation, she could help people with a sound advice, kind words, or finances.

This is what Vera wrote about in her missionary reports back in those days:

“I think that studying the attributes of God is the source of life in the faith. God was revealing His essence to a man throughout the ages and today is challenging us to see Him in His Word. This actually gives us an opportunity to grow in faith.”

“Knowledge of God supposed to impact on the life and ministry of a Christian. It does work in my own life and, my goal is to encourage believers to identify and apply the truth on their own as God reveals Himself in His Word. So, I try to show them how it all works out. And thus I’m pretty sure that this is what all people need.”

October 1999, Olga

“It's already 2000. Time goes by quickly. It seems like I just came to Primorye. I had an opportunity to take stock of my missionary work since 1992. Once, Taras Nikolaevich wrote to me these words: “To follow Jesus is real happiness, but sometimes it gets tough. Vera, whenever you’re on a losing streak, please keep it in your mind that our Lord is alive.” There are other words said by one pastor also come to mind: “... if there is a ministry, but there is no commitment, one will have no power – that's the way it works. If there is death and a self-crucifixion, and a joy in the Lord, but there is no ministry – this is not the way it supposed to be!”
This all there's to it... God teaches me these things. I want these words to be implemented in my life. This is the path that is predestined for me by God, and I do not want to change it.”

January 2000, Olga


Photo from the Internet. Sea view from the village of Olga


In 1999, one missionary family – Vitaly and Maria Orlova, has moved to Olga. Soon the church had entrusted Vitaly with the pastoral ministry that freed Vera from so many liabilities and she at last felt quite a relief, but a new moving was waiting for her in the near future. A year later, Vera was asked to move to the next “hot spot” – Chuguevka. So, Vera settled in Chuguevka – a district center on the Ussuri River. The population in the village is 12 thousand people and, it is located 348 km away from Vladivostok. There’s only five kilometers to a railway station Novochuguevka. It is relatively warm summer and severe, snowy winters.

In Chuguevka, Vera was engaged in youth and women's ministry. Most of all, she wanted to unfold to sisters the greatness, strength, power, love and goodness of God. At the meetings and in personal communication, she urged women to trust Him, remember His solid promises, and to fix their gaze to the eternal goals.

In general, Vera spent in Chuguevka 2 years. The congregation in this town was bigger than in Olga – 80 members. As a matter of fact, many church goers got carried away with all kinds of mystical teachings, and this is why she asked other believers to get radical in dealing with it and pray for wishy-washy members of the church. Vera always sought to edify sisters in the teaching of the Lord.

Vera wrote home to her relatives recounting about her life: “The spring has come a bit later this year. Now, it’s already a summer time, and people are almost planted their vegetable gardens. I did not sow anything this year, because there is no land for it, I grow only the flowers near the house. I'm doing great: I'm fit and healthy; I have everything I need so I'm not hungry or cold. I live as the children sing in the song: “God provides everything for us.”

Local Christians remember Vera for their mutual prayers, fellowship and empathy. Once, during a children's outreach camp, one sister-cook noticed that Vera wore a flip-flops since it was raining out. “Why have not you brought your shoes?” she asked her. Vera said: “No I have, but the girls did not have anything, so I gave them mine.” This is one of many examples of her stunning willingness to take care of people and sacrifice at least something. Although Vera’s character could be described as gentle and feminine, but at the same time it totally fits with her traits of being very courageous in faith and service...

Vera had been writing from Chuguevka:

“Now I try to develop relationships with the sisters. I see the great need to work with them, and God gives me a desire to do that. I can actually relate to sisters as they accept me, and I see that they need me as I also need them.”

I came to realize that it is very important to be in the right place. My prayer need is, that I always would be in my rightful place and would have never taken anyone else's place in the ministry.”

May-June 2001, Chuguevka

“Recently I ended up overhearing a speech that was talked about me: “The church camp is Vera’s idol.” It was really hurtful to hear that, because I know that it's not the case. But this rumor has caused a division deep down in my heart, since I had never thought about it before. I asked myself, who did I devote my life to? Did I do it for God or for the sake of the ministry? Because of this, I renewed my dedication to God again, and I’m sure that He gives both the ministry and the skill. I rely only on God and I do not mind doing what He wants. I love Him and I need Him!

Now I work among women. This is lovely and kind sisters who have their own shortcomings and their own challenges. They are those who need more attention so that they would be heard by others. I know they also love God. I pray that God will guide me and show me how to help these women. I think that the passage Titus 2:3-5 has important principles for all women. I pray and I want that the “Titus’ principle” will work in my own life, as well as in our church.”

August 2001, Chuguevka

“No man is being born with the broken spirit or has a capacity to become such a person just over night. This is the work of God! Brokenness is needed to be dependent on God. God has a purpose – contrite people. By the way, this kind of work is going on with me and sisters right now.”

“We continue to work our way through the course: “Spiritual Formation.” While studying, I made sure one more time that this is exactly the course that must be studied within our church. I pray that God will give an understanding to all the church members about the need for this training.”

“I continue to live in a church building. It seems to me that I have always wanted to do this... (serve others).”

March 2002, Chuguevka

In November 2003, Vera moved to Vladivostok to coordinate women's ministry in the churches of the Primorsky Association of Missionary Churches of Evangelical Christians (PAMCEC). She was writing: “The church without women's ministry is a household without a housewife, which is cold and empty.” (Vladivostok, 2003)

The elders have decided that she would coordinate the women's ministry in the Primorsky Krai and help the pastor of the New Life Church, Sergey Omelyanchuk, in working with sisters.


In the photo, a meeting of the sisters of Evangelical churches of Primorye, conducted by the missionary Vera Zhitnik


God had blessed Vera to unite all the sisters through the prayer ministry as they prayed for the needs of the church and each other.

That's what Vera recounted about her ministry:

“During 10 years of my ministry I have noticed the problem: At the churches of Primorye, believing women make up the majority of the Church. There are many women who consider themselves hopeless and useless, and who have unrealized potential and untapped opportunities. There are women who go through the trials of “a mixed marriage,” there are many lonely sisters and the problem is that many believers have a wrong attitude towards the singleness. In many churches, the issue of loneliness is not properly dealt with and as a result, people become more alienated and reserved, often looking sad and frustrated.

Unfortunately, the churches are lacking or do not have the skilled counselors at all. It is not appropriate for a sister to share her need with a brother, one of the reasons why – because a brother simply cannot relate to her. Many women are craving for spiritual guidance. They require love and kindheartedness of the matron or the woman replacing her. They want to feel the warmth and support in the approving attitude of the older woman. Actually in the churches, there are such virtuous women who could provide guidance for the younger ones, but they just do not know how it all works.

Since 1998, along with Julia Smirnova, we decided to hold women's meetings. Julia is a missionary and she's my reliable assistant. In total, we held five meetings, where there were many sisters from 10 churches. These meetings were paid for by the sisters themselves and partly covered by the PAMCEC.

During the meetings, we came to realize that there's a great need for fellowship as well as the opportunity to be more involved in the ministry.

Sisters desperately need to have a continuous fellowship so they could open up and share about their problems, as well as to receive support and the answers to their thorny questions. At our meetings, we covered such topics as “The Role of a Woman in the Family, Society, and Church,” “How the Knowledge of the Attributes of God Can Affect Women's Ministry,” “Unbelieving Husband,” “Singleness.” Conducting these conferences, we saw many sisters cannot come to the general meetings. So we decided to visit every church.

We plan to develop women's ministry, and eventually come to a point when every church will have its own sisters who are able to independently organize work among women".

At some point, Vera was writing in her letters to the relatives that she missed them a lot stronger than during her stay in Vinnitsa. She asked them to write her more often. She thanked her mother for her prayers and support. In the diary, Vera wrote: “The closest and most reliable Friend lives always near me. He knows me and understands me perfectly. This, of course, does not mean that I will never experience loneliness at all. But I know that the loneliness cannot affect my spirit. Although now I'm experiencing this feeling, I know that if I "... go through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not fear evil, because He is with me...” (Vladivostok, 2004)

One of the reasons for moving to Vladivostok was – the deterioration of Vera's health. She had some problems with the lungs and with the heart, so she needed a checkup. Vera did not feel very well for a long time, but never spared herself – most of the time she was involved in the service that requires a painstaking labor, and she always had an extra strength to help others.



In the photo, a biblical group in Vladivostok. Right: Pastor of the Church New Life Mikhail Kucherenko. Vera is the fourth from the left.


Eventually, she underwent a course of treatment in Vladivostok, and then in Ukraine, Rivne. After going through the treatment she got better, but unfortunately this debilitating disease did not go away from her. Vera’s relatives were trying to persuade her to stay in the local church, but she did not accept this request. “If I should die, then I would rather die in the place where the Lord appointed me to work.”

Struggling with the illness, Vera always remained self-possessed and composed, reflecting on God's goodness without any complaints or grumble.

“Experiencing tough times, we easily lose sight of God's kindness. I pray that God will teach us how to keep inner peace and be satisfied in all circumstances...” – a 44-year-old woman wrote in her diary. “We can never fully comprehend God's ways and clearly explain to ourselves His actions. God says in His Word: “My thoughts are not your thoughts, not your ways are my ways.” And I’m confident that on the basis of Who God is, His ways are always perfect, regardless of the situation or position I can end up in. And I thank my Lord for leading me through His ways that are unknown to me, and for teaching me to trust Him.”

At this stage of life, Vera was having a hard time of breathing. Despite this, she kept praying for the sisters and for the church, inviting people over to her home, where she could fellowship with them all. She had never grumbled about anything, but often had repeated the phrase: “God knows why this has happened to me.” Never once did these words sound in the form of a question. All those who had communicated with Vera during those short few weeks, can actually testify that she remained calm and peaceful putting her confidence solely in Jesus Christ, and being always on a good terms with Him.

Vera was fond of poetry and one of the things that she loved to do was reciting the poems. So, here is the one her most favorite:

I know God never makes mistakes,
I know God creates what is needed.
Even if the sun does not smile at me,
Even if there's grief and horror,

I will not fear the fickle fate,
Can I fail to trust the Lord?
I run to Him with my pleading,
I knock on the familiar door.

Knocking with hope, no doubt,
I entrust my Father all the pain and trouble,
He will neither see my grief
Nor hear a word of grumble.

I will not dare to cast a shadow of distrust
Over the will of the Most High
God is full of love and mercy,
He will not give me more than I can bear.

In the letter of thanks, Vera Zhitnik gives a brief summary of her ministry:

“Dear brothers and sisters,

This is Vera Zhitnik writing – a coordinator of women's ministry in the Primorsky Krai. Thank You very much for Your ministry, as well as for Your care and attention to me!

During my whole life, and especially all throughout my ministry, the Lord has been giving so many good things to me. Over the course of my 12-year stay in Primorye, God has provided me with everything I needed. Seeing my entire life, He has molded me along the way as a missionary. He sent me both books and people, so that I could discover the greater heights and depths of the grace that was given to me. He has never forgotten to stock up my fridge, providing always as much food as I needed. He always knew my needs in clothes and health. During my ministry, I recognized Him as a caring Father.

This year, God gave me the opportunity to be on vacation in Ukraine, where I could get some treatment. It was also a timely one. Because of my illness, most of the time, I started feeling cold, especially when I had a low temperature. I was faced with the challenge of acquiring new warm boots. And again, God took care of me: I received money for clothes. I am grateful for the donations that you have done for me. Thank you for the nice and warm boots. Thank you for your ministry. May God reward you beyond measure and meet all your needs!

Your sister,
Vera Zhytnik. April 28, 2004”

Vera prayed and asked God to give her His wisdom, so that she would properly handle everything that was at her disposal. And she prayed that God would grant her with the resourcefulness to serve Him, so that the beauty of the Lord would flourish within her as a testimony to all those with whom she meets.

In her reports she writes:

“May God use me to encourage sisters to walk through their chosen path, to inspire courage in them, and to get them equipped with everything that is needed for the life to the glory of God. I pray that I could bring about an upbringing effect on my sisters.”

May 2004, Vladivostok

“... Thank God that He has for each one of us His own plans and timing. I'm glad that I am being in His hands. I truly feel more comfortable in His mighty hands.”

June 2004, Vladivostok
“I often think about my ministry, examining my motives. Oftentimes, we are so eager to do great things for God, actually sometimes we manage to do them, and we think that we serve God by doing it. But God does not need it, if we have the wrong motives. That's one of questions we supposed to bring up at our fellowships, elaborating the topics for our meetings.”

“God has masterfully created our personality, hard-wiring us with the aspirations and desires. God has also created our body. All the days of our lives were numbered by God long before our existence.”

July 2004, Vladivostok

“I earnestly pray that God will change our attitude towards the prayer, so that we would give an assessment of our devotional life. We should estimate the time that we usually spend in a prayer, thinking all the way through how we can make the most of it.”

October 2004, Vladivostok

“I pray that God will help me to strengthen my relationship with Him, so that my relationships would not be superficial or contradictory, and that I would be that beacon that draws others to Him.”

October 2004, Vladivostok

"My prayer is that we, women, would be the magnet that attracts both believers and non-believers to Christ.”

“It seems that loneliness such a painful subject in the church today. Oftentimes, this issue causes a lot of embarrassment and confusion, or is simply overlooked. But most often, people have just a casual attitude towards this notion. And I think that is exactly the reason why there are so many disappointed, grieved and disillusioned people in life who are still unmarried.”

December 6, 2004, Vladivostok

 “Thank you for the women's ministry that is gradually developing in Primorye. Thanks for the small groups that were started in some churches.

Thanks for the women's team (which is very active), now I know that I'm not “a lone ranger,” but there are helpers, too.

Thanks for a group of sisters in Vladivostok. There is 60-70-year-old grandmothers who came realized that they are needed in the church. Thanks God they get to serve each other. Thank you for all these moms who I'm with right now.”

“I thank God for my health and for the treatment that I had and am still having. Thanks for the money for my basic needs in Vladivostok, as well as for the room and the elevator.”

December 2004, Vladivostok


Vera does not give up so soon, but instead she continues to make plans for future ministry along with other sisters:

“I have scheduled a meeting on May 7-9, for the unmarried. The first meeting has greatly inspired them. They keep calling me and asking me when they can get together again... if I feel good, I would like to participate again in this meeting... yesterday another doctor confirmed that I need a surgery. If this works out for me, then God will take care of everything.”

“My desire is to help the women to have the Word of God as the foundation of their daily lives.”

“In Psalm 16, verse 11, David says: “The fullness of joy in your presence.” I often meditated on this passage. Only now I can totally relate to it. When you look at yourself and understand that you are unable to do anything, realizing that people do not need you when you're helpless. As one author says in the poem: “One day, when the boat gets old and decrepit, the owner will to pull it out of the water on the shore, saying: “It’s useless, I do not need it anymore.” It is scary to be one day as this boat… and I do not want to be in its place. I thank my Lord that He always keeps me in front of His face. And, only before His face I have the opportunity to experience the fullness of joy! Knowing that God is always with me, I shouldn’t be afraid of difficulties of life. And I am grateful to Him that He drew me closer to Himself in a way that I ended up coming to know Him a lot better.”

March 2005, Vladivostok

August 23, 2005 Vera went to be with the Lord.

Tatyana Arterchuk

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To Love God and Your Neighbor Is the Essence of True Faith

Written By Publisher on Thursday, 07 March 2019 19:07

Prayer Newsletter №2/2019

Written By Publisher on Tuesday, 05 March 2019 13:56

Christian Soccer Club Nadia in 2018

Written By Publisher on Tuesday, 26 February 2019 12:15

Prayer Newsletter # 1 / 2019

Written By Publisher on Monday, 04 February 2019 16:36

The Celebration Ends, the Mission Continues

Written By Publisher on Monday, 28 January 2019 09:38

Mission Conference Is in Full Swing

Written By Publisher on Saturday, 26 January 2019 12:03

Fellowship with Missionaries

Written By Publisher on Friday, 25 January 2019 14:05

The Evening with Missionaries in the Church Source of Life

Written By Publisher on Thursday, 24 January 2019 13:30

Missionary Ministry from the Comfort of Your Home?

Written By Publisher on Tuesday, 22 January 2019 22:59

The Workshop Good Soil – Learn How to Share the Gospel

Written By Publisher on Monday, 21 January 2019 22:15

News from the regions

In the center of God's miracles

Written By Publisher on Thursday, 29 June 2017 11:59
In the center of God's miracles

Peace to you! Thank you for supporting us prayerfully during our trip.

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God’s Miracles in Armenia

Written By Publisher on Thursday, 02 March 2017 16:27
God’s Miracles in Armenia

Kurds-Yazidis is one of the least reached Bibleless people group in the whole modern world. Practicing the ancient religion of their ancestors, they worship idols, and the chief one is...

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The pastor’s anointment at church “Light of the Gospel”, Kizil

Written By Администратор сайта on Friday, 08 February 2013 12:57

In October 2012, brother Victor Zagvozdkin was anointed to be pastor in the church “Light of the Gospel”, Kizil. Taras and Nadezhda Prystupa (Rivne, Ukraine), as well as Aleksandr Degtarov...

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Social News

To Love God and Your Neighbor Is the Essence of True Faith

Written By Publisher on Thursday, 07 March 2019 19:07
To Love God and Your Neighbor Is the Essence of True Faith

Traditionally, the main event of the first month of the year for the Christian club "SKY" was the camp in the Carpathians.

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Christian Soccer Club Nadia in 2018

Written By Publisher on Tuesday, 26 February 2019 12:15
Christian Soccer Club Nadia in 2018

We have made it through another year, which was rich, interesting, and full of many blessings. Taking stock of the entire year, we can see that the year turned out...

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Restarting the Heart Is at the Cusp of 2019

Written By Publisher on Sunday, 06 January 2019 16:07
Restarting the Heart Is at the Cusp of 2019

Dear friends, thank you so much to all those who prayed for the Tenth New Year's Youth Conference “Restarting the Heart”!

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Education News

Why Have We Attended the Day of Preschool Education?

Written By Publisher on Wednesday, 03 October 2018 00:46
Why Have We Attended the Day of Preschool Education?

The education department of IPO Hope to People always seeks to seize every opportunity to bring the Gospel to educators. On September 28, the head of our education department, Arkadiy...

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Rivne Bible College “Word of Grace” (Rivne, Ukraine)

Written By Publisher on Saturday, 15 September 2018 11:54
Rivne Bible College “Word of Grace”  (Rivne, Ukraine)

The goal of the College is to help church members grow spiritually providing them with the Biblical education.

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Integrity in the Ukrainian Education System

Written By Publisher on Wednesday, 11 July 2018 12:40
Integrity in the Ukrainian Education System

Employees of the IPO Hope to People visited the Summer School of Academic Integrity in the Education System, which was held from June 26-29, 2018, at the National University “Ostroh...

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