Begletsov family prayer newsletter for August 2012

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 Greetings, dear brothers and sisters!

We continue our ministry in Elista.

In the church, I continue leading a Bible study group; 14-15 people come and we study James. People share that God touches their hearts, changes their views.

I preach at the Sunday worship services as well.

Recently, we had a small children's camp for 12 people. It was so small because of our limited physical and financial capacity.

I participated in the Volgograd extreme camp in order to establish relations with the nearby church last week. I taught a course there called "The Names of God."

I am getting ready for a trip to Ukraine, during which I am going to participate in a camp for people with disabilities. This trip will continue with the academic session in the School of Preachers.

During this month, we were preparing documents and applying for a temporary residence permit for Nadia and the children in Russia. Faced with the Russian bureaucracy, we spent next month’s budget in advance.

The kids are growing up. Sveta is already crawling. She is already 8 months old. Zhenia becomes more mature and talks a lot,though, he is sometimes naughty.

We live with my mother and are blessed to be there. However, it is sometimes rough. We try to learn from everything that happens, we pray and ask God for help. God put us here to change our hearts and heal us.

Thank you for your prayer support and we ask you to pray for:

1. Our spiritual growth in the knowledge of God

2. The education of children in the Word of God and their spiritual birth

3. The development of the ministry in Kalmykia (student training)

4. Permission to stay up to 3 years in Russia

5. Financial support

6. Separate housing

7. Visit to Ukraine (camp and study)

Thank you for your prayers and financial participation in our ministry.


Family of Eugenij and Nadezhda Begletsovyh