Testimony of Nuria

01 sGod started influencing Nuria’s life when New York lost its twin towers. At that time, she was still working in the security services. In 2001, after the terrorist attacks in the United States, her country was filled with Muslim-extremist propaganda (the distribution of flyers with the Islamic ideology). Therefore, special services launched a raid on the group of extremists (fighters for the purity of the Muslim faith), and a group of Christians.

During one of these raids, Nuria met a group of Christians. She questioned them and forced them to renounce their views. An Uzbek believer made a special impression on her. All the time, he prayed and said to Nuria that he will pray for her. She used different methods of force to force him to recant, but he remained faithful. For such a failure, Nuria’s leadership dismissed her from service. She did not agree with the decision, so she went to defend her individual rights in the capital.

All the lawyers refused to defend her interests. However, one woman, a lawyer, offered Nuria a visit to a lawyer who would definitely help. She also invited her to one of the church services. Under the influence of the sermon on the Word of God, and after few church visits, Nuria believed in Jesus Christ as her own Savior and Lord.

Then she went back home to her family. Her parents, seeing her joy, asked if she got help from a lawyer, and she replied: "I found a lawyer who will always defend me. I believe in Jesus Christ..." In a second, her father poured a cup of hot tea on her and kicked her out of the house.02 s

Nuria did not know any Christians from her native city and did not receive any support from her friends. They did not approve of her choice. Therefore, Nuria lived on the street for some time, anywhere she could find a place. After some time, she went to the capital, where the brothers and sisters in Christ supported her. She began to talk with them, learned, and grew.

Nuria came to known the Lord in May 2004, and she was baptized in August. In 2005, she started to study at the Institute of inductive Bible study. At the same time, she constantly relied on God to get money for traveling and studies.

Time passed and Nuria returned home to witness to relatives about Christ.

In the same time, she met Uzbek Roma people and started sharing the Gospel with them. Gradually a church was organized. And in four years, 12 women were baptized. Nuria continue to take care of their souls. They have regular meetings, as long as she is not being persecuted. By the way, about 2 million Roma people, who are considered to be a lower layer of society, live in her country.

Over the last year, Nuria learned sign language and uses every opportunity to use it to tell about Christ now. Sometimes she has managed to carry a Bible study with the deaf at six o'clock in the morning, so that she does not attract attention of authorities.