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Why do we need missionary conferences?

The missionary conference has come to it’s end. Here we offer you a few feedbacks of pastors and missionaries who attended it:



Valentin and Lyuba Nikonenko, Dnieper city

We have been involved in missionary ministry for more than 25 years and participate in the mission of our Lord  is a happiness and privilege for us. This is the second time we came to the conference and we got a huge encouragement. This is a platform where we meet with our friends, where we discuss topical mission issues. We have got such a feeling that we left behind the bustle and get into the mountains, where a clean mountain river flows, and the other creeks come into it from other mountains. This river is with rifts, waterfalls and you can drink from it right now! Thank you for the conferences like this. Thank God!



Yuri Vorobiev, Moscow    

Here at the conference you can get the information that you can not get from any other sources or anywhere else. Communication with brothers and sisters is a very powerful motivator for a person to get off the Church bench and fulfill the Lord's Great Commission to preach the Gospel to all nations. Through communication, the older generation can pass on the experience to the younger ministers.


Slabyi Andrey, Novorossiysk

Such conferences are very necessary, because they allow you to personally meet with those who devoted for the ministry in mission fields and get information not from a booklet, not from a mailing list, but directly, asking questions and clarifying something for yourself. This is important when we are looking for ideas and want to start a missionary project, but we do not have enough experience or knowledge. The missionary Conference is a good opportunity to get acquainted with people who have been missionaries for many years and can advise, guide, suggest or help to get in touch with a competent people. We have been participating in the conference for many years and always receive a huge blessings from the time we spent there.


Sergey and Yulia Timofeev, Kamenskoe

We want to thank from the depth of our hearts for the invitation, for the hospitality, and for the great motivation for thinking about missionary work and the opportunity to pass these thoughts to people for whom God has given us the opportunity to influence. This is our third time at a row at the conference and each time God reveals Himself to us in a new way. We are always thinking more about the the mission topic and God encourages us to invest more means, prayers, and thoughts into the God's Great Comission. It's like we preach to ourselves to remind us of the purpose for which Jesus came. As far as we can according to our little opportunities, the Lord calls us from the eastern region of Ukraine to participate in this ministry. We made a decision for ourselves to pray for the missions in Italy, Poland, in Yakutia and of course regularly remember in the prayers of the missionaries we met here, and the testimonies we heard.


Sergey Kirilenko, Ivano-Frankivsk

We had the opportunity to bring brothers from Armenia to Ivano-Frankivsk fоr this missionary conference. And here is one of my impressions when Brother J., who involved I ministry for the Yezidi Kurds, prayed for us in his own language, I just stopped at that moment and enjoyed the fact that I was listening to the language on which this person worships Jesus Christ, and I just realized that this is something for which the Church exists: that people in all languages of the world would worship and glorify Jesus Christ.


Igor Plyva, Kiev

Why does the Church needs to hold missionary conferences? The fact is that the missionary himself cannot provide the ministry alone, he needs support: prayers, participants, material and other help. But most important, the missionair alone does not carry on the mission ministry. The entire Church as a whole, according to the plan of God, is obliged to participate in the mission ministries. A missionair is only an Emissary and the Messenger.


Alexander and Irina Ilyin, Warsaw

This is my fifth conference here in Rivne and this time the Lord gave me the opportunity to come with my family. These conferences are a tremendous Grace of God, because they make us feeling the need to preach the Gospel again and again and remind us of the need to pray for the evangelists, to support this ministry and to be a missionary Church. I am very glad that I can be here and invite you, Dear Friends to participate in this ministry field!

Pray for Ukraine

  • About Ukraine, and rather of its leaders and about ourselves – Ukrainians, to fear God and serve Him;
  • About the summer season Christian camps 2016 – the special time of sowing and reaping. At the campground of Zalesie every week will be held camps for friendly churches within our region;
  • About the presentation of the Gospel in Central Asia, in the Crimea, and among the Crimean Tatars in Ukraine;
  • About the ministry to orphans and graduates of orphanages in the Rivne region. For many years (more than ten) by the dedicated servants (Ruslan Kovalchuk, Bondarchuk family and many volunteers among them) are fulfilling such ministry in orphanages of the Rivne region. Family of Alexander and Valentina Bondarchuk from the church “Source of Life” in Zdolbuniv for many years helping to graduates of boarding schools to get adapted in this difficult world;
  • About the Gospel sharing with teachers through Christian magazine “Word to the teacher.” Currently, there is a constant leader of publication in the team – brother Arkady Sloza, a member of the church “Reconciliation” Rivne. Please feel free to contact him!
  • About 50 students of the fourth set of School of Bible preaching, for their 3-year training and ministry in their local churches. Pray for the teachers: Alexander Kalinskiy, Andrey Rezunenko, Taras Prystupa, Benjamin Portansky, Vitaly Rozko and others;
  • About soccer club “Nadea,” of its head coach Alexander Gonchar and his assistants, so that the Gospel could have reached the hearts of boys who attend training.

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