Fellowship with Missionaries

The 24th Mission Conference is being held at the church Community of the Good Shepherd in Rivne. The fourth and fifth days of the conference were dedicated to the meetings of the church ministers and employees of the IPO Hope to People with guest-missionaries. God gave us an opportunity to get to know some missionaries better, some of them are already known to us from our ministry back in the late 80's, so we had a wonderful meeting of “veterans,” and some are our partners, with whom we have a joint ministry to other peoples.

How great it is for brothers to be together! These fellowships are so much needed for mutual encouragement and upbuilding, both for those who work at the frontline of mission field, and for those who take care and pray for them in their local churches. Indeed, there's a lot to benefit from such conferences, including experience and information that cannot be found elsewhere. At the conference, young Christians were present as well, in particular those who are thinking about their calling for missions and their role in fulfilling of the Great Commission.

A very important event in the process of fellowship has been an open table talk, which we traditionally conduct with missionaries, guests, pastors and ministers of local churches, as well as churches of ABMCU. This is a time, when you can discuss the most burning questions about what ways and needs of missionary service exists in different countries, and how churches can better coordinate their work in the present conditions for spreading the Gospel amidst other nations. In particular, we addressed the biblical grounds for the participation of the Church in support of missionaries.

Tatyana Arterchuk