The Celebration Ends, the Mission Continues

The time of fellowship with the missionaries and the guests from different countries is over.

We have been strengthened through their testimonies and hope that we were able to serve and encourage them in their missionary ministry.

The 24th missionary conference in Rivne ended with a special worship with the guests from other churches of Ukraine: Rivne and the region, Kyyiv and the region, Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnytsya, Kamensky. There was a special time for testimonies of Brother Wilhelm Daiker from Germany about his stay at the refugee camps in Sudan, as well as of our brothers in Christ from the Middle East and Armenia. We learned about a huge need for the Gospel in different parts of the world and about the big need our brothers and sisters are in. Brother Oleksiy Melnychuk, the USA, shared the Word, stressing a personal dedication to God and His Commission of every Christian.

At the end of the worship, all prayed a blessing prayer for a young couple that expressed the desire and willingness to dedicate themselves for a missionary ministry.

Tetyana Arterchuk