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A few lessons from South

Thanks to everyone who supported us in prayer and financially on a trip. God has opened a lot to everyone who went, and for me personally. I want to tell you a little about what we did and what God taught us through this week, 4-9 May.

I'm currently reading the book "Life in prayer" by Paul Miller. In the book the author emphasises, that prayer should not be a formality for us, but it should be an integral part of our lives. The author writes, that we should always talk to our Father and tell Him everything as it is. I thought a lot about it.

When we were crossing the border, it turned out that one member of our team had difficulties with her passport and they did not let her pass. We did not know what to do, and then I just said to God, "What should we do?" And the answer from God came immediately, we showed international passport and the problem was resolved. The entire team thanked God. It was a small miracle. You can certainly say that there is nothing special, but it was God's response to a small and very simple prayer. God showed me again that He hears when His children appeal to Him. Then we walked under a small rain about 4 km, but there was joy on the heart from the fact that He is with us.

For the next two days we planned a trip to visit our friends, but they were not ready to accept us. We're a little upset, but we found a job. Brothers mowed down courtyard. Then we helped a little to patch up the car. But most importantly, we had plenty of time to communion with God and with each other. We praised God in songs, reflect on the Word of God. I realized that God's children do not have time to get bored. If you have nothing to do, you need to use this time to praise God and study His Word, to pray to Him and ask to know His will.

On May 7, in the morning we went on the May Day. There were mountains around , the sun was shining and everything around was glorifying God. This is an amazing place, I always want to praise God, when I go there! This time, very few people have arrived on the May Day. We were depressed again, but I believed that we were there not in vain. Brothers went to help ennobling the territory, sisters went to help in the kitchen. There we met a wonderful sister, she told us about her life and how God led her to Himself. It was amazing to hear how much she had endured, and despite that her faith was strong. Especially my heart rejoiced for the fact, that she was local! God spoke to my heart, that we were there not in vain.

The next day, on Sunday, we went to the service. We praised God and studied His Word with our brothers and sisters, from that our heart were happy.

There is a verse in Scripture: “and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear...” (1 Peter 3:15). After the meeting, there was an offer to visit two families with kids with disabilities. We certainly agreed, promptly ran to the market, bought small gifts and went there. It was such a joy to see our friends, we reminded them again about the camps, which would be this summer and invited them there.

After the service we went to the mountains for a small hike. Our friends were with us, the youth from the church. We talked and praised God, admired the beauty which He created. Whenever I climb the mountains, I recall the verse: “The mountains quake at him, and the hills melt, and the earth is burned at his presence, yea, the world, and all that dwell therein” (Nahum 1:5). I thought about how these mountains might melt away, and how God is great and powerful!

May 9, there was a holiday, Victory Day, and we went to town for a walk. On the way we met a old lady, she was well over 80, her name was Hanna, we told her about God and prayed together with her! This meeting confirmed once again that we did not come here in vain.

In general, during this week, we have agreed on further cooperation in this difficult ministry. We have also planned three camps and we have met new people, whose hearts also want to serve the people. Before leaving home, we took several books of Scripture to give them for those who need. Maybe we did not do for what we prepared being at home, but I believe God did His work through us. As He says in His Word: "For my thoughts are not your thoughts" (Isaiah 55:8.), we don’t understand a lot now, but I'm glad that everything is in His hands.

We are all grateful to you for praying for us and for what we do. We felt His guard, support and protection every day. We have seen how His Word spreads and wins new hearts. It would not be possible without your prayers and your support. Pray for futher development of this ministry. Especially pray for the new projects, which must be this summer. Many of them are unexpected for us, but I believe that if God has given the opportunity to serve Him, He will give all necessary resources.

Iha Plyva


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Pray for Ukraine

  • About Ukraine, and rather of its leaders and about ourselves – Ukrainians, to fear God and serve Him;
  • About the summer season Christian camps 2016 – the special time of sowing and reaping. At the campground of Zalesie every week will be held camps for friendly churches within our region;
  • About the presentation of the Gospel in Central Asia, in the Crimea, and among the Crimean Tatars in Ukraine;
  • About the ministry to orphans and graduates of orphanages in the Rivne region. For many years (more than ten) by the dedicated servants (Ruslan Kovalchuk, Bondarchuk family and many volunteers among them) are fulfilling such ministry in orphanages of the Rivne region. Family of Alexander and Valentina Bondarchuk from the church “Source of Life” in Zdolbuniv for many years helping to graduates of boarding schools to get adapted in this difficult world;
  • About the Gospel sharing with teachers through Christian magazine “Word to the teacher.” Currently, there is a constant leader of publication in the team – brother Arkady Sloza, a member of the church “Reconciliation” Rivne. Please feel free to contact him!
  • About 50 students of the fourth set of School of Bible preaching, for their 3-year training and ministry in their local churches. Pray for the teachers: Alexander Kalinskiy, Andrey Rezunenko, Taras Prystupa, Benjamin Portansky, Vitaly Rozko and others;
  • About soccer club “Nadea,” of its head coach Alexander Gonchar and his assistants, so that the Gospel could have reached the hearts of boys who attend training.

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