What happened at the “Courage”

It is already the seventh time in a row as God gives us the joy of fellowship with the young Christians at the Christmas Conference "Restarting the heart." Everyone gathered together for three days, to get a real, "righteous courage" (Prov. 28:1) from God so that to be obedient to Him. At this year the number of participants ranged from 150 to 200 people. But, of course, nothing is acquired so quickly and so easily, but intellectual and emotional foundation to those who had the desire have received. And then again – weekdays and daily practice.

That was really abundant with God's presence time. Time in God's Word, time in prayer, singing, joy and simplicity...

Thanks to God for the repentances, which the Lord gave to young people, and for the confessions of those who had already believed in the Gospel. It was a wonderful time, and it's not just the right words for the report or story. God is indeed good and alive! He is good at all times!

In order you not to lose so much time for reading, we are presenting you the video of conference and 7 video sermons, as well as a link to a photo.

Here are a few testimonies from participants:

1. I was able to look at all my "courage" from the different perspective. It was really hard for me to recognize my poverty and bankruptcy, so God made it very clearly to me. Thanks a lot to you and God. I will pray for the courage in preaching the Gospel and will start practically working in this way.


2. What has God encouraged you with? By the truth that only God gives the courage... and gives it to a believers for His glory! And yet – God encouraged me with fellowship to other believers, new acquaintances, songs and prayers.
I want to keep in my mind that people who do not know Christ, go to hell. And to motivate the desire and courage by it to preach the Gospel.


3. There was a lot of personal fellowship with God, which has brought me a lot closer to Him. Through messages, I learned about some practical steps that i should take for the development of courage in different spheres of my life.
My resolutions:
- To tell the Gospel to 25 (at least) people during the each year;
- To start the ministry of outreach in your church;
- To acquire courage, be guided by biblical advices that i received here.


4. My heart is filling with joy when God is present in full! He's present whether in songs, or in sermons, or in people who are around. Through this conference Lord gave me much joy in many things:
- The Church of Jesus Christ is alive, and thankfully to the Holy Spirit, it grows;
- Lord knows all my days, and He wanted me to spend time here. Praise God for this blessed time, time of reconsideration;
- Jesus Christ died to make me a lion, so that my life got changed and I could have lived for Him.
Resolution: I want to commit myself to spend more time in prayer so that God made me bold, at first in minor things, that in the future I would do great things of God. From now on i will reveal my heart to God, constantly admit my bankruptcy before Him.


5. At this year, i've got accepted to the university, that's why i spent a lot of time to study. Quite often in this drab everydayness, while doing my homework, I kept forgetting about my priority. This conference has helped me to "wake up" from such a lifestyle. I was very timid when i had to talk about Christ, but from this time on I will use every opportunity for everyone who knows me, to get them to know Christ. At this conference I have taken, though not very large, steps to overcome my fear, get out of my comfort zone and not to think about how people will estimate me but about what will Christ think about me.
I decided to get brave and tell my fellow student about Christ. I know her very well, i see her almost every day and she knows that I am a believer, but of Christ as my personal Savior as of One who saved me, I never told her. I decided every day, regardless of everything, to have devotionals with God, praying and worshiping, because recently the training in my life had occupied too much time, and i did not have left for God neither any strength nor any time. I'm feeling very ashamed before God for it, and I realized that I was not living the way that Lord wanted me to.

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