About the camps

Christian camps are one of the most blessed ministries of IPO “Hope to People.”

The main goal is to preach the Gospel to camp participants, so that they can receive live faith in God and help them develop deeper relationships with God. The final goal of each camp is to have people joining local churcesh (invitations to Sunday school, youth clubs, Bible study groups, and worship times in church). For the reason, spiritual formation of personality continues in the church.

The other reasons, which are being accomplished simultaneously:

- The enhancement of children’s, youth’s, and family’s health

- Building of friendly relationships with different groups of people

- Conduction of educational and spiritually-improving events and programs

- Formation of new ministry leadership

The forms and programs of camps are very different: tent camps, stationary camps, day-time camps, outreach camps in apartment yards, hiking camps, English camps, family camps, camps for orphans and children from complicated families, sport camps, camp-seminars, and camps of spiritual growth for new church members which includes intensive Bible study.