Teachers Learned How to be Wise Parents

The Education Department of the IPO "Hope to People" along with the Second Presbyterian Church from Memphis conducted the classes of the seminar "Effective Parenting in a Defective World" of a famous modern theologian, preacher, radio host, president of the organization "The Journey Through the Bible" Chip Ingram.

God is big enough to grant the wisdom for parenting in different life circumstances. He displayed His power through ordinary young people for millennia. In what way then, parents, educators, teachers, directors and methodologists can contribute to this?

Lots of things changed in Ukraine throughout the school year, the lessons of spiritual and moral education, including "Christian ethics" were studied by individual students and individual schools in areas that previously did not want even to hear about it. The purpose of this seminar is to bring the Gospel to the teachers and assist the educational institutions in the introduction of this subject.

The seminar attended 53 people from 10 different regions of Ukraine, including 9 people from the zone of military operations, Donetsk region.

Every morning before the seminar, we were reading the book of Psalms and in the evening we were listening to the sermons.

All in all, the week was blessed. The Lord prepared the hearts of people to receive His Word. All kinds of craftwork, the exchange of work experience, presentations of methodological associations have encouraged teachers to be open. The Lord allowed us to see as teachers reconcile with God.

We thank everyone who have prayed, donated funds for the teacher’s camp in Ukraine.

Alexander Bondarchuk

Here are some teachers' reviews:

"...I caught every word in Chip Ingram's lessons. It became for me a support and foundation of wisdom in the education of my students and my own children. Also, with great delight I listened to the explanation of the contents of the book of Psalms and daily sermons. I learned a lot of new and interesting things for myself. I’m going to pass this knowledge on to my students."

Natalia Ts.

"Bible always helps to find the right answers to those questions that even my neighbor aunt Sonya does not know. Thank you for taking so much time reading the Bible, because, frankly speaking, I do not do this very often, I promised to God to straighten myself out .... Special thanks to the Lord for those who organized this camp, may God use them in this world, and enables them to change people's destinies, so they will return people to the road of Love, Truth, Grace. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Elena P., Donetsk region

"When I was asked:"What do you expect from this trip? I replied: I cannot wait to meet new acquaintances, to gain knowledge, and to experience the inspiration and God's grace." That's exactly what I got here. I enjoyed everything: relationships, good living conditions, people who are full of inspiration and love for God.

We live in a war zone and the family is our top priority. During last three years of the war, many of my students and their parents died, some colleagues lost their minds and went to another world ... and only faith in God helped me to cope with all this horror during this time... and this opportunity to visit such a wonderful corner of Paradise is a miracle ... Thank you very much !!! "

Emma B. Donetsk region

"My ten-year-old dream came true to make a second trip to this camp. This is God's miracle! After all, people with God in their hearts are able to organize with talent and love this camp for teachers of Christian ethics. I got a lot of knowledge, impressions, which will remain in my memory for the rest of my life. "

A.M. Rivne region

"I thank God and those who organized the camp, and for the opportunity to participate in the seminar. The general impression is wonderful! I enjoyed getting to know new people, exchange of experience in a professional way, communication on different topics.

I learned a lot and understood how to read the Bible. I found the answer to a whole series of questions.

I reconsidered actions in my life. And, I found especially important the lectures by Chip Ingram. These lessons are very important to me because I bring up two children 8 and 14 years old. As a father I was able to see what I did wrong. The same is true about my pedagogical activity."

Vladimir N. Cherkassy region