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Cooperation with Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis

IPO Educational Department "Hope to People" has been closely working with Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis for over 15 years.

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They are actively involved in assisting with organizing and conducting Christian camps for children and teachers in Ukraine.

They also support the education of graduates from the orphanage schools in trade schools, colleges, and universities. They help to find jobs and living place for children, who don’t have where to go. They also provide medicine for sick children.

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Orphanage gradutes were invited over

01We thank the Lord that we can continue to serve orphanage graduates. It’s a special blessing for us to see the fruit of Holy Spirit. We read the Bible together, share God’s blessings and pray for our needs. We really like to accept guests in our home, and this month we were invited. After Sunday worship in Zdolbuniv church "Source of Life", the Chudovets family invited our big family and the dental team, and shared their blessings and wonderful food. We were pleased to praise the Lord with singing and praying together.

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Home improvements

The spring came and we made a decision about our housing improvements. For seven years nothing has been repaired.

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"... but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." Josh. 24: 15

01Thank God for the hearts of people who are involved in serving the orphans. Our boys study in Zdolbuniv and Kvasilov Lyceums and in Ostrog Academy.

A special blessing to our family is that each new day we begin and end with a prayer. We read and meditate on the Word of God. In the evening we study the Gospel of Luke, and think how we can apply the Word of God in our practical life. On Tuesdays we study the Scripture, pray for the needs and praise God for His mercy and love. We have also been fortunate to accept guests who testify about their changed lives.

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About the center

Center for social adaptation of orphanage graduates

bondarchukiDuring the last ten years, my wife and I have tried to influence, with our love, orphanage graduates of the Rivne region. They tried to apply years of experience in pedagogy work with children. However, they have found out the following living conditions in orphanages have improved during the recent years, orphanages have nice playgrounds, and meals contain more calories. However, there was and is a big need: children don’t have a place  to go after they graduate. They are orphans or unwanted weight for their parents or relatives. In 2005, we decided to take care of such children.

We planned for these children to study in educational institutions, while we would support them financially and morally. They were to live in the dormitories and visit us on weekends. However, we have found out that they are incapable to live in the dorm, where they need to cook for themselves and take care of themselves, very soon.

For this reason, we accepted 4 boys in our family in 2005. The next year, three more boysjoined them. In 2007, we invited three more children into our family: two boys and one girl (she is a sister of two brothers, who were already staying with us).

In September 2007, our family received a special blessing – we moved from an apartment to a house, which was bought by IPO “Hope to People”, which we repaired by ourselves and where we live now.

The year 2008 was very special for us. In the summer, the first graduation from our home took place. Five boys, who graduated from trade schools, had to leave our family. After that, there were some complications with finding jobs and places to live for them. In September, 6 new boys from Tuchin, Oleksandrija, and Mizoch have joined our family.

Four boys from our family continued their education in the National University “Ostroh Academy” after graduating from trade school.

On Sundays, some boys are joining our younger son on the trips to  the Mizoch orphanage. They are organizing sport events and reading the Bible together. 

Pray for orphans

• for the health of Mary Ivanchyk (she has lupus erythematosus);

• we thank God for the healing of Anton Garbar;

• for boys’ spiritual growth, who live in Bondarchuk family. Sergey, Igor and Andrei started to attend the lessons for Baptism preparation at the church “Source of Life” in Zdolbuniv;
• job search for orphanage graduates and housing for children-orphans. In summer, students Vanya and Sergey (from Bondarchuk family) are planning to go to Germany to work;
• liberation of children from smoking addiction;
• the central sewage system in Bondarchuk family house;
• gratefulness to God for people, who support children from orphanages and orphanage graduates.

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