Gift for Jesus

December 16, 2014 there was a holiday in Klevan boarding school. Under the guidance of a teacher of Christian ethics, employee of the Education department IPO "Hope to people," member of the church "Community of the Good Shepherd" in Rovno – Ruslana A. Kovalchuk and a governess from the boarding school Lesia M. Chernyshynova, pupils of the 6-A form prepared a Christmas play “Gift for Jesus” (on the scenario – Angela Chudovets).

You may not surprise the boarding school with various holidays, school meetings, performances and visiting school groups. Director Jeanne V. Falko can be proud of the talented teaching staff and gifted children (although most of them have serious visual impairments). However, this performance was special for several reasons:

The holiday was started with songs of worship by Leonid Borisevich – a missionary, a member of the church "Community of the Good Shepherd" from Rovno.

The performance was played with the full house: administration, students of the 1-8 forms, teachers and parents of young actors were present.

The play “Gift for Jesus” reminded all visitors about who is God, what for Jesus Christ came into this world and what is valuable in human life.

Let us pray that in these days of Christmas holidays each participant make the best gift for Jesus – give Him his or her heart, and in return receive forgiveness, salvation and eternal life in the God’s kingdom.