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Sports department

football jpgSoccer:

It is impossible to imagine a childhood without a ball, and a boy without a soccer ball. Small players transform each courtyard of each apartment building into a soccer field and have soccer competitions. Often, two bricks stand instead of gates, and markings are made by an ordinary stick. The parents of these children work long hours or they do not want to pay enough attention to their children, who grow up in the street among the same single peers. Young people who grew up without being imparted any values gradually deteriorate. After that, parents accused the school and friends of their children, even admitting their own mistakes, but very often it is too late.

The purpose of the sports department is to guide children and youth through sports to eternal values, the formation of a Christian worldview.

Nadia op2tIn September 2004, the Christian soccer club "Nadia" began its work. The purpose of CSC "Nadia" is to bring up child and teenagers with Christian values through participation in training and the studying process.

CSC "Nadia" consists of five teams from different age groups (from 6 to 18 years). The total number of club members is about 60 people. Trainings are held three times a week, the central part of which is the study of God's Word with an emphasis on the practical application of what they have learned in everyday life. Often, the application is happening on the soccer field. Boys learn to practically apply the lessons through their relationship with rivals and with each other. Besides improving their athletic skills, they have a great opportunity to demonstrate to others the spiritual truths which they are learning.

Almost 90% of the boys attending the club had never read the Bible or heard about God before in their families. When they accept the truths of God's Word and apply them in their lives,  it captures our hearts and inspires us for the future work for the glory of God. On Sundays, most of the boys from CSC "Nadia" come to the morning service at church and to the Christian teen club.


Zdolbuniv and Kharkov are successfully implementing this club experience and have already started a similar exercise. We wish to share our experiences with people from other churches in order to use it and create a similar clubs for boys. For this reason, we invite interested people for a week or several weeks for a practical training. We are also willing to visit the church in person in order to help them in organizing sports activities on-site and / or to take part in soccer camps.