Do all things for the Lord


Giving us winter snow, God also presented us the opportunity to rest with the Christian Soccer Club "Nadia" in the Carpathians. This time we managed to conduct mini-camp with a friendly company in village Polyana, studying Colossians and enjoying the winter holidays. The truth, being in first place for the entire camp, was that Christ is above everything and we should do everything for the sake of His holy name. Guys, in pairs, took turns cooking for us food spiritual and food bodily. Every day we were in communication building up each other. And each time we went outside and saw the beauty that God had created, we admired His greatness and grace to us.

Although it was a short camp and there were a few of us, but in this simplicity, we enjoyed the greatness and beauty of the Lord. It was a blessed time we spent together.

"Amen. 4 days of rest together with real Christians, near the mighty God's creation - the Carpathian Mountains. But the earth is vanity and vexation of spirit" A. Dzyura.

"I thank God for this wonderful opportunity to be here, it was a blessed time!" P. Tyvonchuk.

"As for me it was a special time, I could spend with close friends, it's a great opportunity to relax and get to know each other. We are all very different but we have a common goal: to glorify God with our lives, this trip was a wonderful practice to serve one another and it showed me how important it is to grow in the knowledge of the living God and to have a living relationship with Him" D. Sosnowskij.

"At first I did not want to write something exciting about a trip to the Carpathians, because I did not find it there. But "not found" does not mean that it was not there. I just didn’t see. But this picture has really "opened" my eyes" R. Tsymbal.

Olya Denysiuk


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