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Young Bible experts in Ostrog Academy

     On the 9th-10th of April, 2014 was held The 7th All- Ukrainian Olympiad "Young Bible experts" at the National University of "Ostrog Academy". Pupils of the 1-8 grades took part in the contest. They came from 11 regions of Ukraine: Volyn, Khmelnytsky, Rivne, Ternopil, Vinnytsia, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Cherkassy, ​​Donetsk, Lviv and Poltava.

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July Christian camp-seminar for teachers of Ukraine. July 2013

"... We implore you on Christ's behalf: Be reconciled to God. "  2 Cor 5: 20

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The program of the Christian camp was aimed on sharing the Gospel with teachers, to introduce them with the truths of Bible, to help them analyse their hearts through the sermons and Chip Ingram's seminar. Different events, trips to museums and terminal water helped to get to know each other and find support among teachers. In the evening and in the morning we were listening testimonies, preaching and singing hymns. We also had time to share experience and to share material to work with children, parents and teachers. God touched our hearts through the films based on practical Christian lives.

"... A special thanks to A. Bondarchuk, A. Kalinsky for speaking Ukrainian language (songs, psalms, Bible, preaching). Chip Ingram's seminar was topical. It was a great pleasure to do crafts with Marilyn. It was important for teachers to visit the terminal waters and museums. I sincerely thank everyone, who was involved in the organization and conducting the camp. It was a blessed time from God, time of meeting with God. " Poltava, Tatiana K.

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Rivne students’ and teachers’ feedbacks about picture exhibition “World masterpieces about our Savior”

IMG 9139 “It is a great exhibition; pictures were well chosen and have deep meaning, feelings, and inspiration. It was a great excursion: we experienced spiritual cleanliness and God’s blessing” (School #1).

 “I am grateful for such an informative lecture, which touched the hearts of our students, made them think about the meaning of life, their behavior, and attitude toward other people” (humanitarian gymnasium).

“We are thankful for deep and touchy story – the exhibition of pictures on Biblical theme. Such lessons are so necessary in our modern education system! The spirituality has to be fundamental basis that forms personality. God is love. Children have to realize, understand it, when they cross schools doors” (School #10).

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Cooperation with the Institute of Postgraduate Education

01On the 15th of April 2013, the lecture for the spirituality teachers took place at “Hope to People”. These teachers are studying at Institute of Postgraduate Education.

The head of education department, Oleksandr Bondarchuk, introduced our organization to the teachers and explained the development traits of subject “Gospel through the Bible” . He also gave a lecture on topic “Whose responsibility in spiritual education: churches, family’s, or school’s?” 

The employee of mission organization Ruslana Kovalchuk taught the lesson “What does Jesus Christ’s path to the cross teaches us.”

Good news through the picture exhibition “World masterpieces about our Savior”

The President of Ukraine issued a decree about the celebration and organization of events in Ukraine regarding  the 1025th year after the baptism of Kiev Rus’, which will be celebrated in July 2013.  Regarding this, the education department of IPO “Hope to People” organizes in Rivne and Rivne region picture the exhibition World masterpieces about our Savior, which is dedicated to the baptism event.

The exhibition opened on the 1st of April in the building of “Hope to People”, after which it moved to the Zdolbuniv district.

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Pray about the teachers

 further development and injection of the subject “Christian ethics” in the public schools of Ukraine
 the cooperation with the National university “Ostroh academy” and the Institute of Postgraduate education of Rivne region
 creation and the work of the Christian club for children in the village Kunyn, Rivne region
 about repentance and spiritual growth of students and teachers, who participate in Bible study groups
 financial support of the Christian department’s staff

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Autumn blessings of CFC «Nadia»

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Why Have We Attended the Day of Preschool Education?

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Rivne Bible College “Word of Grace” (Rivne, Ukraine)

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Rivne Bible College “Word of Grace”  (Rivne, Ukraine)

The goal of the College is to help church members grow spiritually providing them with the Biblical education.

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Integrity in the Ukrainian Education System

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Integrity in the Ukrainian Education System

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