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How the local Dalnegorsk Christian Church Vozrozhdenye appeared

A missionary and member of the Missionary Society Light of the Gospel in Rovno Pavel Vasilievich Yakovenko arrived in Primorye in July 1990. He was determined to plant missionary churches which could prepare disciples to preach the Gospel in more remote places of Primorsky Krai. Pavel stayed in the village of Chuguevka. There an old Christian lady Natalya Zakharovna gave him a room in her house.

Firstly, brother Pavel found some young Christian families who had recently come to Chuguevsky district from Ukraine. Then, Pavel with some new friends teamed up to work together. Natalya Zakharovna was a new believer as well. She had relatives in some places of Primorye and really wanted them to believe in Jesus. Pavel was able to visit them and other people, travelling throughout the territory.

In the summer 1990, Pavel Vasilyevich first visited Dalnegorsk. At that time there were some small groups of Evangelical Christians – Pentecostals, Baptists, and Orthodox believers. Pavel Vasilyevich also visited Baptists who had weekly meetings in a flat. That flat belonged to Olga Abramovna (Prospect, 13). New friends were a great encouragement for Pavel and his ministry. It was also good to meet some Pentecostal brother Yuri Maliy who owned a car. That was good to use the car to bring camera and all the equipment to display the film Jesus by Luke in some public places. People were invited to watch the movie in the city’s culture house Gornyak. People were really impressed by this movie that day. Just after the movie, some guys wanted to read the Bible and know more about Jesus. The first meeting with thirty fellows was organized in the central library (Prospect,85). People were provided with free Bibles. Later the head of the city’s culture house Gornyak V. Chayka allowed the group to meet in his premises.

Pavel Vasilyevich visited Dalnegorsk once a week. We began to study the Gospel of John. God taught us new things and we had indescribable feelings as we had a great hope in this dark sinful world. People came to Christ through the work of Holy Spirit, and we were witnesses. Unfortunately, there were those who rejected the truth and left God and our group.

In the summer 1991 Pavel Vasilyevich with fellow workers organized a Christian children’s camp in Olginsky district near the village of Rakushka. It’s a beautiful place near the seaside. Some people from Dalnegorsk took active part in this project. These were L.A.Volovenko, Y. K. Malov, L. V. Solovyova, the missionary families – Alexandr Barchuk, Alexandr Draga, Igor Sobovoy, as well as some Baptists from Kavalerovo, Ussuriysk and Chuguevka. Oksana and Tatyana from Ukraine did the spiritual work with kids.

The two-week’s camp with kids was a real blessing. There were kids from different places – Dalnegorsk, Chuguevka, Kavalerovo, Olga and Kavalerovsky orphanage. They listened to our biblical lessons and confessed their sins before Jesus.
Before Christmas new believers from Dalnegorsk took active part in holiday preparation – made advertisements and learnt unusual for them Christmas carols. The holiday took place in the city’s culture house Gornyak. We sang songs, played different games, and won prizes in competitions what was completely unusual for that hard time.

In 1992 Sergey Melnichuk invited a male Christian choir from Lutsk. It was so wonderful to listen to them! By this time, there was the first baptism in the Lotus pool. Thus the first small church appeared. We had a good sister L. V. Solovyova who entered the Christian seminary to become a Sunday school teacher. Later Sunday school took place in a flat, in school 27, in the city’s culture house Gornyak.

Pavel Yakovenko held Sunday services. Later he devoted himself to people from Chuguevka. As for us we were discipled by brother Georgy. Then he was replaced by Ivan Terziev who moved to Dalnegorsk. A big encouragement for us was sister Vera Zhytnyk who influenced us a lot. She worked with kids and young people.

Y. K. Malov continued to bring the camera and all the equipment to display Christian films. People always had a lot of questions and liked to speak on different topics after watching the movies. In May 1993 our brother John Corey visited Dalnegorsk. In the fall our dear brothers Mikhail Kucherenko and Yaroslav Prikhitko came over. Our small group grew and strengthened.

Here are our church members’ testimonies below.

Lyubov Konstantinovna Yanitskaya

All my life I had been part of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League. I grew up in a non-Christian family and knew nothing about God.

I worked as a kindergarten teacher. I was at my usual place when in January 1991 a tall man came in and told us everything about God, salvation through Christ, about church. His name was Pavel Vasilievich Yakovenko. He invited us to visit the city's culture house to meet with Christians and read the Bible. I was interested in reading, so I decided to go. I’d never had the Bible in my hands and I wanted to know what this Book is like. As I came to these meetings, I really liked them. We began with Gospel of John and I took notes of the most important things I found out from the lectures. My daughter Yanina, a nine-grade student, started visiting the lectures with me. On Resurrection Day we were given the Bibles.

Pavel Vasilievich himself lived with his family in Chuguevka – 200 km from Dalnegorsk. Every week he had to take a bus to come to us.

God began His work in my heart through Pavel. I found out about repentance but wasn’t ready to refuse some things in my life. I treasured all I acquired and didn’t want to lose it. I thought I had showed enough zeal by attending the Bible studies.

When a male choir came to Dalnegorsk, I found it amazing. When there was a call to repentance a few guys and my daughter gave their hearts to Jesus. But I didn’t.

The Lord continued His work in my heart for three more years. One day I finally gave my heart to God – it was at the meeting with Victor and Olga Dolgikh. From that time on I loved the Bible. I started visiting Sunday services and listening to Mikhail Ivanovich Kucherenko’s sermons. There was organized a special course VCO (ВЦО) for those who wanted to be baptized. In the summer 1999 I and some other sisters were baptized. I was happy to become a member of the church because I could serve the living God. Step by step my former friends became further and further away from me. I was happy to find new relationship in God’s family. Together we continue growing in faith and sharing the Good News with others. Life with God is amazing!

Nadezhda Nikolaevna Zharkova

In 1993 I heard about the church from my co-worker Sophia Savelyevna. She told me about Christ Jesus, His death and resurrection. But I and my husband didn’t want to listen to her fairytales. Our life was already filled with vanity and anxiety. My son was seriously injured in a car accident and his doctor said to us: “Pray and maybe God will help you…” These words led us to the decision to visit the church. I asked the pastor Mikhail Kucherenko to pray for our son and he agreed. In the church we were met by friendly people who surrounded us with love and attention. I noticed people’s happy faces and eyes filled with kindness.

And we were amazed when our dear son got better and was almost recovered. He even could continue his usual work! My husband and I are grateful to God for His awesome deeds! Now we are His children and members of His great family! We are glad the Lord used our pastors Mikhail Kucherenko, Igor Korsunov, Alexander Shvets. We are happy we are redeemed from power of sin! Amen.

Tatyana Kolesova Stepanovna

I came to God in December 1993. My parents were Christians from their youth. My father died in July 1991 and my mother missed him so much. I worked in a chemical factory and found out about Christian meetings in the city’s culture house Gornyak from my co-workers. I told my mother about that and she decided to go. My mother and I visited these Sunday meetings and meetings on the week. I was immediately filled with peace, and in 1993 I opened my heart for Jesus. On July 30, 1995 I was baptized. From that time on I am with my Lord, although I have many problems in my life. But I have hope and confidence in God. My mother died on July 6, 2014 in the age of 98. Her last years she spent in bed but still had strong faith in the Lord. I believe we will meet with her in Heaven.

Yekaterina Yezhova Pavlovna

All my life I had been searching for something, I felt emptiness and senselessness. I tried many things and still wasn’t happy living in depression . I didn’t want to live anymore. But God had His own wonderful plan for me and saved me from this world and death. He gave me His great love and a new life. It happened in 1995. After the fall of the Soviet Union, God’s Word became available to us. I had never held the Bible in my hands! Our “hungry” country finally saw the light – missionaries came to the country and churches were planted. I came to the church pastored by Mikhail Kucherenko who was about 20 years old. But despite this fact he was a man of God’s wisdom. We were surprised that we were much older than him but we didn’t have such wisdom. Mikhail could answer our everyday questions in the light of the Gospel.

Our small group didn’t have its own premises and we held our services in the city’s culture house Gornyak, in the Youth Activity Center, in the Palace of Culture Chemist. There were also created small home groups where we could share our faith and pray for each other. The most important thing was our Bible study. We learned spiritual truths through different quizzes and mini-performances. We had a nice teatime along with interesting conversations. Our church grew and strengthened. Some people entered the Christian seminary and after that they could be our spiritual leaders. Almost all of us took Emmaus course. Every summer there were people who wanted to be baptized. We helped those new believers who took a special foundation course. The day of baptism became a great event!

Nadezhda Shvets Aleksandrovna

My husband and I came to church in 1994. A little bit later our children and their spouses came as well. The church was pastored by Mikhail Kucherenko, Vera Zhytnik helped him a lot. A lot of people attended Sunday services. There were also home groups.

There was a bad financial condition in the whole country. We organized free dinners for the needy. Food was prepared in Dalnegorsk nursing home what was a good chance to tell old people about Christ.

In those years there were a lot of people in need, so we were provided with humanitarian aid that was a real blessing for us. Our pastor Mikhail took active part in the formation of our family. He is still a very close friend of us. However, when Mikhail went on vacation to his home country our church was divided into groups because of some leaders. Our youth left for a charismatic church and there became less people in our church. We were disappointed with this. But we continued meeting and serving God from the whole heart up to now.

                                                                          Tamara Shvets Ivanovna

Our story is not something special or unusual. Sometimes children find out about God’s love from their parents if that is a Christian family. But our family was like many other non-Christian families. We had a good place to live, high salary, well-mannered children. We wanted our kids to be nice and successful people. We have two children – Vyacheslav and Yelena. Our son Vyacheslav was good at studying at school and after school he entered the institute, now he’s working. He had never been alone – he always was surrounded by many friends. Our daughter was completely different. She didn’t have friends and was quite a close person. She felt unhappy. But one day Yelena’s grandmother, who converted to God earlier, brought Yelena in church that was founded by missionaries from Ukraine. There our daughter found a lot of friends.

Our daughter was completely changed, she became a happy person. We noticed that change and were glad for her but still worried about her. In some newspaper we read about the White Brotherhood and didn’t want our daughter to be caught by them. That is why we finally visited the church that Yelena attended. We wanted to be sure she is safe there among these people. After visiting the church we felt good for Yelena – the atmosphere was wonderful and we liked the pastor Mikhail. However, we considered his sermon quite boring as we didn’t understand what he said. Then we left thinking it was our first and last visit. Yelena tried to tell us something about God, and finally she said the pastor wanted to meet with us. After that Mikhail and his wife Vera came to us and we could see him closer. We continued going to church, but only on holidays – we didn’t want to upset our daughter and grandmother. Two hours spending at church were a big trial for us; the Bible was also some kind of strange to us.

It’s difficult to remember how long we had been visiting church in vain. But in some time we started to visit church more often. Finally, we confessed our sins before God and that was a starting point in our life. In 2002 we were baptized. Now 14 years have passed since that special day. We were completely changed; we became a part of the church. The most important thing is that we could finally understand God’s Holy Word. At the moment church means a lot to us. When we have troubles we still rejoice in our Lord and remember there are many people whose lives are much more difficult. We thank Jesus for His salvation!


Now the city was large and spacious, but there were few people in it. Nehemiah 7:4
Therefore you did not desert them… Nehemiah 9:17
for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations Isaiah 56:7

Church Vozrozhdenye is located in the city of Dalnegorsk in the street March 8, 3A. The building is a former kindergarten. We thank our God that we have enough rooms in it – rooms for Sunday meetings, children’s rooms, humanitarian department and living rooms. The biggest room may contain up to 80 people. On Sundays brothers and sisters can hear a pastor’s preaching, singing and testimonies.

The needy are provided with regular humanitarian aid which is a real blessing for them. Every Sunday the sisters Olga Kudasheva, Olga Mikhalchenko, Natalya Savelieva and Svetlana Kasyanova teach Bible lessons in Sunday school. Here children learn a lot of spiritual things. At the moment there is a rehabilitation center in our building, and four people are rehabilitated. About eight people have lived there before. On Tuesdays some brothers and sisters, along with Igor Korsunov and Alexander Shvets, go to the village of Monomahovo to visit Vladimir and Galina Sokolov. They do the Bible study at their home. The same group has been excising for 20 years at Nadezhda and Mikhail Shvets’. Nadezhda has a notebook in which she is writing all the answers to the prayers. In the last two years our church has been helping in a hospice where there were about four helpless people. They were provided with attention, food and Good News. Unfortunately, our church can’t do this service at the moment. Every summer we organize a children’s camp Zhemchuzhina. Kids can listen to the Good News, play games, do some sport, and have complete lunches. Moreover, every summer our pastor Igor Korsunov serves in a camp as director. It’s difficult work and our church prays for this service.

We want every believer to be effective and zealous servant of God.

Now there are 59 members in our group which is pastored by a blessed and zealous brother Alexander Shvets. He is studying in the preacher Bible school.

Our group’s goal – everyone must be Jesus’ disciple and win new disciples for Christ. We are trying to encourage the church to do our best to win souls for God!

Lyudmila Solovyova


Pray for:

Pray about the situation in eastern Ukraine;

Pray for wisdom and fear of God for the new government in Ukraine;

• Pray for God's mercy for the whole Ukrainian people;

Pray for the situation in Ukraine to solve the conflict in a peaceful way;

• Thank God for the blessings of holding Christian camps, excursions, and trips throughout the summer in different cities of Ukraine 

• About missionary work among Muslims in Central Asia and among Crimean Tatars in Ukraine;

• About the orphans ministry and graduates of orphanages in Rivne region;

• About preaching the gospel to the Christian teachers through the pedagogical magazine “Word to the Teacher”;

• About the students of Rivne Bible College and the School of Biblical preaching “Word of Grace” so that they can apply their knowledge in their churches.

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