Information and Prayer Leaflet № 7, 2019

Thank you for praying, remembering, supporting us with prayers, your thoughts, and deeds.

This time we are going to tell you about those summer outreach events where workers of the Christian mission Hope to People took an active part. We realize that our efforts will be meaningless unless Christ is in the center.


Word to a Teacher about Parenting

All issues of the Word of a Teacher magazine this year talks about family values in the light of the Bible. Third issue is dedicated to the topic of parenthood and mentoring. Its articles are intended to draw readers' attention to the problem of fatherhood and motherhood, to help with factual materials for those who will teach children this theme, and to remind about the eternal, wise, and perfect Heavenly Father Who is willing to help us be good parents, offering the gift of adopting through faith in His Only Son Jesus Christ.


Ministry to Orphans and Children From the Needy Families

Christian outreach camp for orphans and kids from the needy families was held in the Carpathian Mountains. They use the Obedient Heart program for the camp. Our friends from the Second Presbyterian Church, Memphis, USA, serve along with our workers from the educational department and volunteers. Every day in the camp is dedicated to thinking about the personality of Jesus Christ. The teenagers are taught to read the Bible, to pray, to praise God. 


Reaching Children During Summer Break

Christian day camps for children are run all summer on the territory of our mission in Rivne, Ukraine. Leaders tried to combine Bible lessons with easily understood life situations in order to show kids their need in the Savior and His love. The first day camp was about a plane crash and saving the affected. The second camp became a fascinating sea voyage together with the Biblical prophet Jonah. 


Children's Ministry in Armenia

Our ministers ran an outreach day camp for children from the Kurdish and Yazidi families coming from the mountain villages. The weather in the mountains can be very surprising, but in spite of rain, hail, and cold wind, children from several villages arrived to the camp. Our ministers are thankful to the Lord for prayers and support of all friends. The Lord blessed and 80 children were able to hear the Gospel. 


Soccer Camp for Children

Christian soccer team Hope visited all-Ukrainian Christian soccer camp at the end of June. It took place in Ochakiv, Mykolayiv region. Christian children teams from Kyiv, Irpin, Tarasivka, Dnipro attended the camp this year. There was also a team from the USA and guests from Moldova. Seven days were spent studying the theme God, What do You Want of Me?, relaxing by the sea, playing favorite sport game, having fellowship, and meeting new people. Thanks be to God for such an unforgettable time!