Three Years of Grace in Warsaw

A new Bible church God's Grace in Warsaw has marked its third anniversary. There are a lot of emigrants, migrants, and students from the former Soviet Union in Poland and especially in Warsaw. All of them understand and speak Russian. Having come to a new country, they often encounter loneliness, unfairness, and problems they didn't expect. It's a good opportunity to turn their attention to Christ and tell them that their life matters to Him and that He loves them. Oleksand Illin does that. Oleksand was given this pastoral ministry in 2016 and on March 20th the first service of a new church was done.

Spring has begun and it marks that our community is already three years old! By God's grace, we are full of new plans and ideas for this summer! First of all, we want to do the street evangelism with and without paintings. If the Lord allows, we want to help two more Russian-speaking churches in Torun and Bydgoszcz to run the street evangelism. We also plan to hold a children's camp with them in early July. To make our cooperation more effective, we try to meet regularly as pastors. At the end of May, we want to do a 3-day prayer retreat near Warsaw. This can give rise to a spiritual and educational center for the ministers of Poland and Europe, about which we dream a lot and pray with the brothers. Brothers from Italy and Spain will arrive at this first meeting if God allows it.

We also have another dream, about which we have been praying for more than a year. One of my friends, the pastor of the Polish church, offered us for free their sanctuary for holding Sunday services in the Russian language after they finish theirs. This is a small town near Warsaw, in which Slavic people also live and work. Our community does not yet have its own resources to do two ministries independently, therefore I am looking for brothers and sisters who could come to us for two or three days among our friendly churches from Ukraine and Belarus. First of all, we plan to do evangelism on Saturday, then to invite new people to get to know each other, and on Sunday we'll have a service and then fellowship over the tea. We figure that a team of 4-5 people will be enough, in which there should be a preacher and singers. We want to make more such teams from different churches so that, according to the schedule drawn up in advance, they could come every two-three months. Well, we will be glad if they would come more often.

So, please pray for this project, because now Poland is a huge field for evangelism and revival! We believe that God will use our small community to spread the Kingdom of God!

May the Lord be glorified in everything!

We thank God for you, for your prayers and for your support!

May the Lord bless you richly, our dear friends!

Yours in Christ, Alexander Illin