The Evening with Missionaries in the Church Source of Life

The mid-week of the mission conference, that is going on right now in Rivne, has to do with different meetings and interviews geared toward the further development of the ministry. The guests, who came to Ukraine for the first time, had the opportunity to go see sights and local attractions during the daytime.

This year, a night of music worship service and historical testimonies is taking place in the Source of Life church building in Zdolbuniv, which is located 15 km away from Rivne.

In the spotlight of the evening, there was the story of one of the first Ukrainian missions in the context of the overall history of the missionary movement in the former USSR in the late twentieth – early twenty-first century. It was a fascinating, lively and not yet completed narration, the author of which is God himself, and the participants and witnesses of which are the guests of the conference.

Tatyana Arterchuk