Thank you letter Fyodor Tsarevsky, Dneprodzerzhinsk

image01I had not known what a hospital was until I turned 52.  

At first my kidneys got sick. In 2006, the stone was removed in Rovno. In 2011, I had hernia and even could not walk; I worked as a mason-erector and all my life I had worked very hard. I had a surgery in Dnepropetrovsk. One year and a half after that, I began to experience a sudden fever. I was told that I had an infection and therefore I had a course of antibiotics. Everything was well for only 25 days and then it all started. Every 10 days I had a fever up to 104-105.8 F. They were able to decrease it but only for a short period of time. On April 5, 2013, I had a hepatic attack. They thought it was connected with my gallbladder. My doctor sent me to the regional institute of gastroenterology. I was tested there and in 30 minutes I found out I had cancer in the major duodenal papilla.  

At first I lost my heart. Then I recovered. The professor said that I need a surgery. I was given 2 weeks to prepare. It is one of the most complicated surgeries in the abdomen.

I did not have any grudges, especially towards God. I remembered my sinful life before I became a Christian. I thought I would always be healthy. I used to be very strong physically. I caught cold very rarely.

I smoke, drank, and had bad eating habits. When I drank, I would not eat for 2 days. The doctor said that my problems were the result of that. I did not blame God. I understood that those were the consequences of my sin.

On April 18, 2013, I had a nine-hour surgery. It was successful. A young man had had this kind of surgery before me, but he died right on the operating table.  

I thank God for His Fatherly care. I thank the churches for the prayer support and all who helped financially. We were told that the surgery would cost 18-20 thousand grivnas ($2,250-$2,500), but in reality it was 50 thousand grivnas ($6,250). I thank heartily to all givers!


What good did all these sufferings bring?

I believed in Christ and was born from above at the end of 1996 – beginning of 1997. During my sickness I began to trust God more and this trust is full and without any discussions. My relationship with God has become closer and more natural. I would close my eyes and talk to Him as to my Father. I would ask for death when it was very painful as I didn't have any more strength.  

On August 5, I had another surgery. I felt worse and again I asked God to give me death. Then I felt better, I repented for being weak-spirited.  

My wife was with me during the most difficult time. After the intensive care she lived in the hospital for 2 weeks. She suffered as much as I, because it is more painful to see someone suffering than to experience it yourself.  

The surgery brought me together with many brothers and sisters. Many people called to find out about my condition, they supported me, and prayed.  

My church prayed continuously. They visited me, sent their greetings, came and had fellowship. It gave me much support.  

The professor said that I would not be the same. People after similar surgeries recover and stay in poor condition for a year. As for me, I was able to go to the store in 5 months and was able to travel for 12 hours.  

Today, there are still some difficulties with my health, but I will serve Him in church where He put me as long as He allows me to be here on this earth.  

In addition, God was teaching me to be compassionate. While in the hospital, there was one man Sasha in the same room. He is 68 and he has 3 children. He was afraid to die because of the stomach cancer. He had a surgery in 2012, but he got complications and as a result he had 4 more surgeries. We talked a lot. I tried to encourage and support him. He was in worse condition. I preached to him though he was surrounded by the icons.  

There is much suffering in the hospital. Walking along the corridors, one can see people who have 4 bottles in their hands and on the belt where different kinds of body fluids flow. In addition, they have a catheter in the nose. And thus you understand that you are just dust in God's hand.