Spring Is a Productive Time for the Ministry to Orphans

Once the learning process is resumed, after the winter holidays, there are new opportunities to meet with children, youth and teachers.

We're thankful to God and all those who participate in the ministry by means of their prayers and anxious hearts for what we do. We'd like to share about what was going on in our ministry in the last few months. There are several areas of work in which our family is actively involved.

Ministry to Graduates of Orphanages (student orphans) Living in our Family.

We do care and pray a lot about children who graduate from orphanages, and then leave us attempting to make their first steps into adulthood. Many of them tend to forget about those people who discipled, taught and supported them. For some reason, they are really prone to forget those who taught them the basic truths about God. The time goes by pretty fast! Many guys, who lived in our family, are now already working and serving elsewhere. We keep on praying for these guys that they will have a special appointment with the Lord.

Our son Volodya came by for a few hours just to visit with us quickly. Now, he is in the military service again.

This year, we have 10 orphans who graduated from the special orphan’s school and, are now living in our family and studying in colleges.

Every Tuesday we conduct a small group for our guys. Two of them, are willing to enter into a covenant with the Lord, so they attend baptism classes. Please pray for them.

We thank God for the brothers and sisters who support our family. On the photo, you can see a new batch of potatoes and vegetables that we purchased in spring.


Classes for Children in the Orphanage

On Fridays, we conduct the Bible meetings with children 3-6 grades in the town of Mizoch. After the holidays, our communication with children began in a warm, joyful atmosphere. Praise God!

While having a meeting with fifth-graders on the topic “Gifts for Jesus,” we helped the wise men, together with the children, to find a small Jesus through the jigsaw puzzles.

On March 2, in the orphanage of Mizoch, we enjoyed having a meeting with children of a third grade and studying together: “Who Invented This World?” Children put so much work into making a fish with their own hands. It's hard to describe in words how much thrill we experienced at the end of the classes! Praise the Lord!

In the sixth grade, we had another opportunity to study the subject: “The Serpent Was Craftier than Any of the Wild Animals...” The truth was proclaimed and explained – God's mercy in the promise of the Savior. The paper made angel, also has brought so much joy to the children. We’re grateful to everyone who is involved with us in this cause! Thanks a lot to everyone who prays for our trips to the children in the Mizoch's orphanage. We really love getting together: to read, to communicate and make gifts for our friends and relatives as well as for their birthday. Please remember children in your prayers!


Ministry to Teachers

In February, Alexander Bondarchuk took an active part in holding a series of meetings with teachers which took place at the IPO Hope to People. There were cadets of the institute of postgraduate pedagogical education (teachers of history and social disciplines). Also there was a meeting with the teachers of the Christian ethics of the Rivne region on the topic: “Spiritual Formation of Character Based on Christian Values.”

At the end of March, Alexander Bondarchuk, as the head of the department of education IPO Hope to People, was invited to participate in the 13th all-Ukrainian festival competition “Teacher of the Year on the Subjects of the Spiritual and Moral Orientation,” which was held in NAU “Ostroh Academy.” Alexander was one of the members of the organizing committee and, was a member of the jury of the contest. He also had the privilege to address with a welcoming speech the participants of the meeting.

On Sundays, we usually have Christian teachers coming over to our house for a small group of the Bible study.

Ministry to Socially Unprotected Children

On Saturdays, in Zdolbunov, at the church Source of Life, at 2 p.m., there is a club for children. So, we invite everyone to visit our club. As we get together, we glorify God, read the Bible and pray for each other, as well as make crafts. We are desperately waiting for new friends. Please come to us, we will be glad to meet you!

Valentina Bondarchuk