To Love God and Your Neighbor Is the Essence of True Faith

Traditionally, the main event of the first month of the year for the Christian club "SKY" was the camp in the Carpathians. 

This time, it took place on January 8-13. And the theme was: "Love God and Our Neighbor is the Essence of Genuine Faith." In the camp, we had about 50 boys and girls teenagers. Of course, there were some who got to be in the Christian camp for the first time ever. As always, we had a very hectic program. We all had the chance to go skiing, sledding, snowboarding, horseback riding, and of course, we were in the sauna, and played floor hockey, had various competitions, but the most important part was the morning Bible lessons and evening program with dramas on the topic of the day and according to the sermon.

We saw as Jesus himself had narrowed the entire Law down to two main commandments: Love God and love one's neighbor. We realized that no one could truly love his neighbor if he had no love for God and had not experienced God's love for himself/herself, which was fully revealed on the Cross when Jesus died in our stead, for our sins. God gave us the opportunity to live out the verses that we read from the Bible and gave us many situations where it was necessary to show love to each other even when our flesh did not really want to do it.

Every day, there was a clear explanation of the Gospel, which, we hope, did its work in the hearts. We asked participants, who experienced God's stirring their hearts through His Word, to speak with one of the mentors one on one. Thank God, there were such people and they had such conversations. Please pray that God will complete what he has begun in their hearts. And one week after the camp, we had a follow-up meeting, which brought together almost half of all those who were with us in the Carpathians. We viewed photos, video from the camp, played games, and again remembered that God spoke to us from His Word about love for our neighbor and Himself. Also, we invited everyone to small groups and church youth services, where God's truth is taught and heard.

Thanks very much to God for the camp and to people who were with us. After all, there were people not only from the team and church. Please pray for all these guys and girls so that God would not allow them to live recklessly in their sins, and would break their hearts and bring them to Himself. May our great Lord be glorified in this!

Vitaliy Bakunets